Awk command is used in actual combat


We know the three swordsmen of Linux. They aregrepsedawk。 As I said earliergrepandsed, students who haven’t seen it can directly click to read. What we want to share today is more powerfulawk

Sed can realize non interactive string replacement, and grep can realize effective filtering function. Compared with the two, awk is a powerful text analysis tool, especially when analyzing data and generating reports.

The powerful function of awk is unmatched by general linux commands. In this article, I won’t tell you that awk is also a programming language, so as not to scare you. We just need to use it as a powerful text analysis tool under Linux.

I still uphold this articlepracticalpracticePrinciples, providing a large number of examples, but not exhaustive. This article can help you quickly apply awk, which is enough to deal with most application scenarios at work.


Before learning how to use it, let’s take a look at what awk can do:

1.It can output and display the given text content in the desired format and print it into a report.

2.Analyze and process the system log, quickly analyze and mine the data we care about, and generate statistical information;

3.It is convenient for statistics, such as website visits, IP visits, etc;

4.Through the combination of various tools, quickly summarize and analyze the operation information of the system, so that you can know the operation of the system like the back of your hand;

5.Powerful script language expression ability, support syntax such as loop, condition and array to help you analyze more complex data;


Of course, awk can not only do these things, but also conduct efficient data analysis and statistics according to your wishes when you integrate its usage.

However, we need to know that awk is not omnipotent. It is good at processingformatText, such asjournalcsvFormat data, etc;


Let’s first briefly understand the basic working principle of awk. Through the following graphic description, I hope you can understand how awk works.

Awk basic command format

The working principle of awk is explained in detail in combination with the following figure

Awk command is used in actual combat

  • First, execute the keywordBEGINMarked{}Commands in;

  • completeBEGINAfter the command in braces, start executionbodyCommand;

  • Read the data line by line. It is read by default\nThe split content is onerecord, actuallythat ‘s okThe concept of;

  • takerecordDivided into by the specified separatorfield, actuallycolumnThe concept of;

  • Loop executionbodyThe command in the block is executed once for each line readbody, final completionbodyExecution;

  • Finally, executeENDCommand, usually inENDOutput the final result in the;

Awk is input driven. It will be executed as many times as there are input linesbodyCommand.

In the following example study, we should always remember:record (Record)namelythat ‘s okfield (Field)namelycolumnBEGINIt is the pretreatment stage,bodyIt’s the stage where awk really works,ENDThis is the final processing stage.

Actual combat – Introduction

Starting from the following content, we go directly to the actual combat. For example, I will save the following information to file txt

Awk command is used in actual combat


OK, let’s start with the simplest and most commonly used awk example, outputting columns 1, 4 and 8:

Awk command is used in actual combat


Inside the braces is the awk statement, which can only beSingle quotation markIncluding, where,$1..$NIndicates the column number,$0Represents the entire line content

Look againawkMore practical functionsFormat output。 andCLinguisticprintfThe format output is a dime. I personally like this format, rather thanC++The way of flow in.

Awk command is used in actual combat


%sRepresents a string placeholder,-4Indicates that the column width is4, andAlign left, we can also list more complex formats as needed. We won’t give detailed examples here.

Actual combat – Advanced

(1) Filter records

Some data may not be what you want and can be filtered as needed

Awk command is used in actual combat


The above filter condition is that the row with root in column 3 and 10 in column 6 will be output.

Awk supports various comparison operation symbols!=><>=<=, where$0Represents all the contents of the entire line.

(2) Built in variable

Awk has built-in variables to facilitate our data processing

Awk command is used in actual combat


Filter the root user in column 3 and the content in line 2, and output the line number when printing.NRIndicates the current row,NFIndicates how many columns the current row has.

(3) Specify separator

Our data are not always based onSpaceAs a separator, we canFSVariable specifies the delimiter.

Awk command is used in actual combat


We specify the separator as2019In this way, the line content is divided into two parts2019Replaced with*

The above command can also be passed-FOption specifies the delimiter

Awk command is used in actual combat


If you need to specify multiple separators, you can do so-F '[;:]'。 I believe that smart you will be able to understand and understand.

Similarly, awk can specify the delimiter for output throughOFSVariable to set

Awk command is used in actual combat


When outputting, each field usesOFSThe specified symbols are separated.

Actual combat – Advanced

(1) Condition matching

Lists all the files for the root user, along with the first line of files

Awk command is used in actual combat


The upper match is contained in the third columnrootOK,~It’s actually a regular expression match.

Similarly, awk can match a row like grep, like this

Awk command is used in actual combat


In addition, this can be done/Aug|Dec/Match multiple keywords.

patternReversehave access to!Symbol

Awk command is used in actual combat


(2) Split file

Let’s do an interesting thing. You can split the text information into multiple files. The following command splits the file information into multiple files according to the month (column 5)

Awk command is used in actual combat


Awk supports redirection symbols>, redirect each line directly to the file named month. Of course, you can also output the specified column to the file

(3) If statement

For complex condition judgment, awk can be usedifStatement, awk is powerful because it is a script interpreter and has the programming ability of general scripting language. The following example splits files through slightly complex conditions

Awk command is used in actual combat


Notice,ifThe statement is inside curly braces.

(4) Statistics

Statistics of all in the current directory*.c*.hTotal space occupied by files

Awk command is used in actual combat


Column 5 represents the file size, which will be calculated to every row readsumVariable, at the endENDPhase print outsum, that is, the total size of all files.

Let’s take another example to count how much memory each user’s process occupies. Note that the value is the RSS column

Awk command is used in actual combat


It’s used herearrayandforLoop, it is worth mentioning that the array of awk can be understood as a dictionary orMap, the key can be a numeric value or a string. This data type is commonly used in peacetime.

(5) String

The following simple example shows awk’s support for string operations

Awk command is used in actual combat


Awk supports a series of string functions,lengthCalculate string length,toupperThe function converts a string to uppercase.

Actual combat – skills

In order to understand the working mechanism of awk as a whole, let’s take a comprehensive example. Suppose there is a student transcript:

Awk command is used in actual combat


Because the sample program is slightly complex and difficult to read on the command line, we also want to introduce another awk execution method through this case. Our awk script is as follows:

Awk command is used in actual combat


The results of executing awk are as follows

Awk command is used in actual combat


We can write complex awk statements to script filescal.awk, and then through-fOption specifies execution from a script file.

  • stayBEGINIn this stage, we initialize the relevant variables and print the format of the header

  • staybodyStage, we read each line of data and calculate the total score of the subject and the student

  • stayENDIn the stage, we first printed the format of the end of the table, printed the total score, and calculated the average value

This simple example fully reflects the working mechanism and principle of awk. I hope this example can help you really understand how awk works.


Through the above examples, we have learned the working principle of awk. Let’s summarize the following concepts and common knowledge points.

(1) Built in variable

1.Each line of content record is calledrecord, English nameRecord

2.Each column in each row separated by a separator is calledfield, English nameField

After clarifying these concepts, let’s summarize several important built-in variables:

  • NR: indicates the current number of rows;

  • NF: indicates the current number of columns;

  • RS: line separator, which defaults to line feed;

  • FS: column separator, default is space and tab;

  • OFS: output column separator, which is used to split fields during printing. The default is space

  • ORS: output line separator, used to split records during printing. The default is line feed

(2) Output format

Provided by awkprintfFunction to format the output function, specific usage andCThe grammar is basically the same.

Basic Usage

Awk command is used in actual combat


Common formatting methods:

  • %dDecimal signed integer

  • %uDecimal unsigned integer

  • %fFloating point number

  • %scharacter string

  • %cSingle character

  • %eFloating point number in exponential form

  • %x %XUnsigned integer in hexadecimal

  • %0Unsigned integer in octal

  • %gAutomatically select the appropriate representation

  • \nNewline character

  • \tTab character

(3) Programming statement

Awk is not only a Linux command line tool, but also a scripting language. It supports all control structures of programming language. It supports:

  • Conditional statement

  • Circular statement

  • array

  • function

(4) Common functions

Awk has built-in a large number of useful functions and supports custom functions, allowing you to write your own functions to expand the built-in functions.

Here is a brief list of some commonly used string functions:

  • index(s, t)Returns the position of substring t in S

  • length(s)Returns the length of the string s

  • split(s, a, sep)Split the string and store the split fields in array a

  • substr(s, p, n)Returns a substring according to the parameter

  • tolower(s)Convert string to lowercase

  • toupper(s)Convert string to uppercase

Here is a brief summary of some commonly used string function functions and specific use methods. You also need to refer to the previous example program, draw inferences from one instance and apply it to practical problems.

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