[award winning research] Huawei security detection service developer research questionnaire


Running applications on mobile devices is usually accompanied by certain risks, such as being implanted by malicious viruses or Trojan software with root privileges, tampering with user device information and damaging the system, malicious Wi Fi attacks, etc. Therefore, doing a good job in application security protection and avoiding security risks in unsafe equipment environment has become a factor that application developers must consider. In this regard, Huawei opens security detection services for free, providing system integrity detection (sysintegrity), application security detection (appscheck), malicious URL detection (urlcheck), false user detection (userdetect) and malicious Wi Fi detection (WiFi detect), which can help protect applications from security threats.

Award winning research

Huawei security detection service is always committed to providing convenient and efficient product and service support for developers. In order to optimize the product experience and better meet the security demands of developers, we sincerely invite you to participate in the survey of Huawei security detection service developers. We hope you can share your application security needs with us and help us improve continuously.
We will select the feedback users according to the quality of the questionnaire and send 15 exquisite gifts. Thank you for taking the valuable time to participate in this survey.

Developers, come and share your ideas and suggestions!

Research time

July 22, 2021 – August 13, 2021

Research description

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2. According to the filling quality of the questionnaire, we will screen 15 users with high-quality feedback to give exquisite gifts, and will contact the winners and complete the prize distribution within 30 working days after the investigation. If we can’t get in touch due to the user, it will be deemed that the user will automatically give up the qualification of winning the prize. Your contact information is only used for communication and gift distribution.

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