Avoided redundant navigation to current location


This error is encountered in the Vue project, which does not affect the function, but the console will report this error when pushing:

vue-router.esm.js?fe87:1958 Uncaught (in promise) NavigationDuplicated: Avoided redundant navigation to current location: "/Home".

After searching online for a long time, almost all of them said that there was a problem with the version of Vue router, either reloading the lower version, or using the main.js Add the following code:
const originalPush = Router.prototype.push Router.prototype.push = function push(location) { return originalPush.call(this, location).catch(err => err) }

But I tried for a long time and it’s useless. My console reported a syntax error that push doesn’t exist. The compilation can’t pass. Maybe only I can’t use this solution.

This solution:

Because there is only one push home page in my project, I just need to catch the exception of push (the same with replace).

//Set home page default display