Automatic installation of LNMP lamp PHP environment



Installation requirements:
Memory: above 512M, above 768m is recommended (pure panel accounts for about 60m of system memory)
Hard disk: more than 100m available hard disk space (pure panel takes up about 20m disk space)
System: CentOS 7.1 + (Ubuntu 16.04 +. Debian9.0 +), which ensures that it is a clean operating system and has not installed Apache / nginx / PHP / MySQL with other environments (existing environments cannot be installed)

Pagoda linux6 Version 0 is developed based on CentOS 7. Be sure to use CentOS 7 X system
Tip: CentOS officials have announced to stop the maintenance and update of centos6 in 2020, and major software developers have gradually stopped being compatible with centos6. Centos6 is not recommended for new servers

The following mainframe operators must see (open port tutorial, can not be used without opening):
Tencent cloud:
Alibaba cloud:
Huawei cloud:

CentOS installation command:

yum install -y wget && wget -O && sh

The experimental CentOS / Ubuntu / Debian installation command supports IPv6. Be careful to execute this command with root permission

curl -sSO && bash

Ubuntu / deepin installation command:

wget -O && sudo bash

Debian installation command:

wget -O && bash

Fedora installation command:

wget -O && bash

Linux panel 6.9.9 upgrade command:


If the update does not take effect after clicking, please try to restart the panel service:

bt restart

For more informationPagoda official website


wget -c && tar xzf oneinstack-full.tar.gz && ./oneinstack/ --nginx_option 1 --php_option 7 --phpcache_option 1 --php_extensions fileinfo,yaf,redis,memcached,swoole --phpmyadmin  --db_option 2 --dbinstallmethod 1 --dbrootpwd oneinstack --pureftpd  --redis  --memcached  --iptables  --reboot