Atom use notes


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atom-asyncSynchronization settings

UseatomeditMarkdownFiles, live preview

atomThe editor comes with amarkdown-previewThe plug-in is simple, so we can download onemarkdown-preview-plusPlug in, openingsetting->installFind the plug-in name and click download.
Atom use notes

After the download is completed, the originalmarkdown-previewPlug-in unitdisable
Atom use notes
You can use it normally after this step ~ press and hold the shortcut keyctrl+alt+M, you can preview it. But after this step, someone may encounter a problem like me. How can I install it correctly? If I press and hold the shortcut key, it will not react? Original! Because the shortcut key conflicts with the shortcut key of other plug-ins!
We opensetting->KeybingdingsFindctrl+alt+M, found thatemmetThe plug-in also uses this shortcut key combination. WordsemmetPlug in is also an essential artifact of front-end developer, so I’m sure that many children’s shoes will encounter the same problem as me. Since we find the problem, we only need to reset the shortcut key
After the reset, we will be surprised to find that the preview function is ready for use~
Atom use notes

If you don’t think the black background looks good, we can also change it in the settings,markdown-preview-plusPlugin supportgithubStyle, find and open. Well, it looks like that~
Atom use notes

In addition to previewing, I have othermarkdownRelated plug-ins, because they can be directly installed and used, will not be introduced much, just list the names~

  • markdown-img-paste-Paste pictures directly tomarkdownFile, simply can’t be more convenient!
  • markdown-scroll-sync-Preview and file real-time synchronous scrolling, easier to view
  • language-markdown-Better supportmarkdownSyntax and code completion make it easier to edit code blocks~
  • markdown-pdf– DirectmarkdownExport to PDF format (I only download this plug-in, but I haven’t used it yet

atomShortcut key arrangement

atomShortcut keys andSublime TextAlmost ~ so it’s easy to use ~ there are a lot of relevant collations. I just summarize those I usually use for development.
If the shortcut key is not easy to use and has no effect, you can check itKeybindings, 90% of them are due to shortcut key conflicts! It’s OK to deal with the conflict. Anyway, I often download a plug-in and find it has no effect. The reason is the shortcut key conflict, especiallyCTRL + Shift + letters, it’s a disaster area in the conflict!

  • Ctrl + Nnew file
  • Ctrl + Shift + NNew interface window
  • Ctrl + Shift + Wclose editor
  • CTRL + mouse up and down scroll wheelZoom in / out font
  • Ctrl + LSelect a row, and the cursor jumps to the next row
  • Shift + HomeSelect cursor to beginning of line
  • Shift + EndSelect cursor to end of line
  • Ctrl + Shift + DCopy the current row to the next row
  • Alt + F3All election
  • CTRL + mouse up and downMove line up / down

SolveatomShortcut key conflict

openSettings->Keybindings, find the conflicting shortcut key, click the copy icon in front of the line, copy the shortcut function you want to use, and directly copy the relevant command to the clipboard.
Open yourkeymap fileCtrl+VPaste it and the command line will be copied. At this time, if you save it directly, the command of this file will overwrite the defaultkeybinding
If you want to rebind other shortcut key combinations for this shortcut function, just change the content before the colon in the second line of the command.
Atom use notes
Atom use notes