Atom edit markdown image upload


Because I’m interested in markdown, I’ve been looking for a localized markdown editor. I’ve used vscode and cmdmarkdown successively, but also abandoned because of various problems. My requirements for the markdown editor are as follows:

  1. Support basic markdown syntax
  2. Able to upload pictures automatically
  3. The preview effect is beautiful, which is subjective.

First, let’s talk about vscode. First of all, the preview effect is not very satisfactory. I don’t think it’s very good-looking. Of course, this is a very subjective view. Second, we did not find the relevant plug-ins for uploading pictures.

While cmdmarkdown has been used for a while, I feel that there are still many bugs, and because it is completely HTML based, I feel sluggish when I use it.

So I turned my attention to atom, which is said to be an editor that can basically achieve all the effects with plug-ins. This article is written with atom. The main purpose of this article is to tell you how to use atom to upload pictures with one click.

First, the previous rendering:

Atom edit markdown image upload

How about it? Does it look beautiful.

1. Register the account number of qiniu

Don’t write here how to register, put out the website

Official website of qiniu

2. Download the qiniu uploader plug-in

Atom edit markdown image upload

Install wellqiniu-uploaderAfter that, you need to set it first, mainly setting four parameters:

Atom edit markdown image upload

3. Download the markdown assistant plug-in

Download nextmarkdown-assistantPlug in and install it. When setting it, you will be asked to fill in an upload plug-in. By default, it has been filled out for youqiniu-uploaderIn fact, you don’t need to set anything.

Atom edit markdown image upload

After that, let’s try it out. Take a QQ screenshot and directlyatominctrl+vPaste, pop up upload picture prompt, will let you fill in a title, click enter to automatically build a markdown picture statement. So upload the picture is finished, isn’t it very simple!

Atom edit markdown image upload

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