Atom configures FTP service


Generally, we need to upload the local code to the test server for testing, but log in to the server every time, and pass thescpCommand for file transfer, which is troublesome

Here are the development toolsatomTo configureftpService makesThe project file is directly corresponding to the server file, to achieve the function of folder sharing

Install the plug-in of FTP function

stayatomSearch where plug-ins are installed onremote-ftpAnd install
Atom configures FTP service

Configure FTP service
  1. Open a project folder to share or create a new folder
  2. openftpThe configured sidebar can be accessed through thePackages -> Remote FTP -> ToggleOr shortcut key oncontrol+option+o
    Atom configures FTP service
  3. Build a new one.sfptProfile passedPackages -> Remote FTP -> Create SFTP config fileThe profile created by this method has some default configuration ideas. If you click theEdit ConfigurationA blank profile will be created

The contents of the configuration file are:

    "Protocol": "SFTP", ා protocol names include SFTP and FTP
    "Host": "example. Com", ා server address, which can be domain name or IP address
    "Port": 22, service port
    "User": "user", "server user name"
    "Pass": "pass" and "server password"
    "Prompt for pass": false, ා prompt for entering password will pop up
    "Remote": "/", the folder to be connected on the server, absolute address
    "Local": ". /", folder to be shared locally
    "agent": "",
    "privatekey": "",
    "passphrase": "",
    "hosthash": "",
    "ignorehost": "",
    "Conntimeout": 10000, how long does it take to wait for the connection to complete and the connection times out
    "Keep alive": 10000, how long does it take to keep the dummy command area connected
    "Keyboardinteractive": false, whether to turn on the verification code keyboard interaction
    "keyboardInteractiveForPass": false,
    "remoteCommand": "",
    "remoteShell": "",
    "Watch": [], ා listen to which files or folders will be uploaded automatically when there are changes
    "Watchtimeout": 500 ා delay between the last modification of the file and the start of upload

Passed hereSFTPExplain becauseFTPService needs to be started on the serverFTPservice

  1. You can modify the configuration in the sidebarConnection serviceOr modify the configuration file to display after successful connection
    Atom configures FTP service
  2. Synchronize local project files
    Atom configures FTP service
  3. Finally, if there are files that do not need to be uploaded to the server, they can be added.ftpignorefilePackages -> Remote FTP -> Create ignore fileUsage and.gitignoreequally

Finish!!! So far, the local folder has been associated with the remote folder. If you listen to the corresponding folder, it will be uploaded to the server automatically after modification

Atom configures FTP service

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