At that time, baidu smart medical chose “bowing in” and “technology opening”


Recently, at the sixth “integrated development of information technology and health care for the aged” Summit Forum, Liu Junwei, deputy general manager of Baidu smart medical, gave a speech on “science and technology helps the new ecology of health and harmonious elderly care – Baidu smart elderly care overall solution”. Liu Junwei pointed out that the growing demand and pressure for elderly care have attracted widespread attention from people from all walks of life. Baidu adopts the coexistence of “bowing in” and “technology opening” modes to integrate internal ecological resources to create a new scheme for intelligent elderly care.

At that time, baidu smart medical chose

In recent years, all sectors of society have continued to pay high attention to the issue of pension. The 14th five year plan for national economic and social development and the outline of the 2035 vision plan released this year clearly put forward such suggestions as “implementing the national strategy to actively respond to population aging” and “transforming public places to adapt to aging”, “supporting home-based elderly care” and “developing silver economy”, especially in the field of science and technology to adapt to aging, It is required to strengthen the supporting role of information technology in improving quality and efficiency in the intelligent, healthy and elderly care industry.

Baidu smart pension new scheme

Liu Junwei, deputy general manager of Baidu smart medical, pointed out that Baidu’s smart pension scheme has two modes of “bowing in” and “technology opening”.

The so-called “admission to the stadium” refers to the overall layout of Baidu Intelligent Cloud in smart city, smart medical, smart community and smart home furnishing area. Making full use of advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, mobile intelligence and cloud services, Baidu intelligent cloud will build a digital base for providing for the aged and support the elderly. It will provide users with different scenarios, such as health care, entertainment, travel, care, active care and life services, for users in different scenarios, such as community, pension institutions, government agencies, medical institutions and social service organizations. So as to build intelligent life services for the elderly, so that the concept of “relying on the old, learning, enjoying and relying on the old” can be implemented in place.

In terms of smart city construction, AI enables new infrastructure and uses science and technology to help urban infrastructure adapt to aging transformation and upgrading.

In terms of government services and convenience services, baidu introduces local government service applets into a small smart screen, so that the elderly can access and handle various government services at home through voice interaction.

In terms of community construction, baidu put forward the concept of building an AI community, integrating smart medical care, smart fitness, smart logistics, smart home, smart convenience store and Community Management Center for aging transformation.

The so-called “technology opening” refers to Baidu’s integration of internal ecological resources, relying on Baidu’s technical ability in the field of artificial intelligence and using a small intelligent screen to create a people-friendly and elderly care service platform combining artificial intelligence technology and medical care scenes.

At the same time, the advanced artificial intelligence technology will be opened to the society through the flying oar deep learning open platform, so that more elderly care and elderly assistance enterprises and institutions can make use of Baidu’s open platform to create convenient, efficient and intelligent elderly care service products, schemes and services, so as to truly enable the elderly in China to enjoy the technological dividends of the times brought by emerging technologies such as AI.

In particular, we should mention the small smart screen and small smart speaker, which introduce Baidu voice interaction ability, so that the elderly who do not understand new technology can enjoy all kinds of advanced technology application services through simple voice dialogue, so as to avoid the difficulties of the elderly in learning new technology, so as to really let technology enter the life of the elderly.

At that time, baidu smart medical chose

On the basis of small smart screen, baidu Lingyi Zhihui specially launched “small smart screen X8 health version”, adding health protection function. At present, this intelligent product has been widely used in various scenarios of home-based elderly care, community elderly care and institutional elderly care, and achieved good results. While providing corresponding services, Baidu has developed a small open platform for industry customers to support all kinds of scientific and technological enterprises and institutions with software development ability to open and launch all kinds of their own applications on the small application platform.

To this end, Baidu has also built a science and technology ecosystem for intelligent elderly care, specifically docking and supporting ecological enterprises, so as to better contribute to China’s elderly care cause.

Smart pension is at the right time

The seventh national census data released by the National Bureau of statistics in May 2021 showed that the total population of the population aged 60 and over reached 264 million, accounting for 18.7% of the total population of the whole country. Compared with 4 registered residence population, there were 1 elderly people. The 421 family structure became the main social form. From the perspective of pension pattern, 90% of the elderly choose home-based pension, 7% choose community pension and 3% choose institutional pension.

The pressure of providing for the aged is increasing, and the demand of more and more elderly people for providing for the aged has also undergone great changes. The modern demand for providing for the aged is mainly concentrated in the fields of life, health and personality habits, and health, longevity and companionship have become the main demands. The convenient life and aging community are the main places and manifestations of these demands.

The 2021 Research Report on China’s science and technology suitable aging released by EU billion think tank systematically studies China’s elderly care system and believes that the traditional “home-based elderly care model” and “community + institutional elderly care model” can no longer match and support the growing elderly care demand. In the future, the innovative elderly care service model enabled by science and technology will become the main direction of intelligent and healthy elderly care.

In this process, taking “technology suitable aging products”, “information platform” and “commercial service institutions” as the main body, integrate the home and community elderly care scenarios, build a convenient and efficient one-stop service platform, and become the main emerging “platform” elderly care model. In this emerging elderly care model, the value of scientific and technological power is more obvious.

Focusing on the field of elderly care and aging services, baidu also supports two types of open modes: one is to support application docking based on small degree and embed small application system; Second, carry out business cooperation in many fields, provide technology, application and scene services for cooperative enterprises, and let more elderly people enjoy the scientific and technological dividends brought by Baidu AI technology.

Baidu has successively launched three batches of elderly care pilot community construction in Beijing, including Dashilan in Xicheng District, Guofeng Meitang in Changping District and Qinghe community in Haidian District, and continued to promote smart elderly care based on “science and technology is suitable for the elderly”.
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