Assignment 7 copyright protection


Title Description:

Alice and Bob are two programmers. They invented a word processing software paperwrite that is better than MS word. They can make the software into an installation CD and install it in Windows system. However, because they don’t know much about security technology, they are troubled by piracy and need your help. Design a copyright protection module to prevent pirated use of software. There are unlimited methods.


Problem solving:

You can set a password for the disc. You need to enter the correct password when opening the disc, otherwise you cannot get the software content normally.

You can also set an activation code for the software, and the user will get an activation code after paying. When using the software, the activation code will be sent to the server, and the server will return the result after authenticating the activation code, so that the software can be used normally.

Some CD copy prevention technologies, such as CD cops and discguard, should also be used to protect against illegal copies.

It is also necessary to prevent malicious tampering of the software, which can be achieved by setting summaries and adding digital watermarks.

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