under Visual Studio 2017 Net core taghelper intelligent prompt solution


This problem was found in vs2017rc before. Dependency was installed, but ASP for was not found in the previous paragraph. Later, I checked the release notes,

I knew that it could not be solved in vs2017rc for the time being, so I waited until the official version of vs2017 was released and installed in a hurry,

After a demo project is built, the intelligent prompt of taghelper cannot appear.

Not giving up, I went to pick up the release notes of vs2017 and found the known problems:

Found this line:

Then I went to the GitHub page according to the prompt and found the description of why taghelper can’t be used:

Similarly, the page gives a solution to install an extension of razor service:

To be on the safe side after installation, restart vs2017 and try again OK, the problem that has been bothering for several days has been solved.

As for whether vs2017rc can be solved through this plug-in, I have not tested it (2017 is the official version…), Those who have not upgraded the official version or do not plan to upgrade the official version can test it.


Vs2017 release notes:Click go

Vs2017 known issues and solutions (GitHub):Click go

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