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1 Introduction core developer’s Guide RoadmapIt points out the direction for the learning of our core developers. According to the roadmap, I have sorted out some reading notes, learning experiences and other article materials in the learning process, hoping to make common progress with you.

The codes used in this article are:

2 catalog

2.2 C#

  1. Delegates, events, and lambda expressions
  2. Asynchronous programming (or multithreaded programming)

2.3 core Basics

  1. ASP. Net core webapi getting started

2.6 design mode

  1. What is observer mode
  2. What is the mediator model

2.7 dependency injection

  1. What is dependency injection
  2. Getting started with microsoft.extensions.dependencyinjection
  3. Autofac is an excellent. Net IOC framework

2.8 object mapping

  1. Automapper is an excellent. Net object object mapper

2.9 API

2.9.1 API documents

  1. How to generate API documents using swagger

2.9.2 certification and authorization

  1. What is identity server 4
  2. Identity server 4: client credential mode
  3. Identityserver4: resource owner password pattern
  4. Identityserver4: authorization code mode

2.11 ORM

2.11.1 Entity Framework Core

  1. How to use entity framework core to implement CRUD

2.12 cache

  1. How to use imemorycache to implement memory caching
  2. How to use redis to implement distributed caching

2.13 log

  1. Serilog is an excellent. Net logging framework
  2. Elk is an excellent solution for log collection, search and analysis

2.14 operation scheduling

  1. is an excellent job scheduling framework

2.16 microservices

2.16.1 message queue

  1. Rabbitmq is an excellent. Net message queuing framework

2.16.2 message (event) bus

  1. What is an event bus
  2. How to implement event bus using rabbitmq
  3. Masstransit is an excellent. Net message (event) bus framework

2.16.3 API gateway

  1. Ocelot is an excellent. Net API gateway framework

2.16.4 containerization

  1. Docker is an excellent application container

2.16.5 service arrangement

  1. Kubernetes is an excellent container choreography system

2.17 DDD (Domain Driven Design)

  1. What is DDD Domain Driven Design
  2. DDD Domain Driven Design: entity, value object, aggregation root
  3. DDD Domain Driven Design: Warehousing
  4. DDD Domain Driven Design: domain events
  5. DDD Domain Driven Design: cqrs

2.18 others

  1. Mediatr is an excellent. Net mediator framework
  2. Topshelf is a framework for building windows services using. Net
  3. How to use topshelf to establish windows service with. Net generic host

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