” ASP.NET Core application development introductory course and《 ASP.NET Core application development project practice was officially published


“The writing and printing of the whole book is actually the first draft. Sometimes the public and private affairs are collected, and every sentence is written, the pen is put aside three times; sometimes, with great interest, the writing is fast, and the details are endless; sometimes the interest is bleak, and the pen is sitting on a wooden chair and stops at a cursory pace. Every time you write a paragraph, you can read it by yourself. If you feel that there is something wrong with it, you will attach a duplicate book. Therefore, the scissors and paste are not separated from each other. You can only know it by yourself This passage of Mr. Dong Zuobin just describes the state of my writing this book.

” ASP.NET Core application development introductory course and《 ASP.NET Core application development project practice was officially published in January 2020.
” ASP.NET Core application development introductory course is the author’s dedicated research ASP.NET Core technology is a painstaking work, as the name of the book, the content of the whole book is introduced in simple terms ASP.NET Core application development needs the basic knowledge, and analyzes its underlying framework ASP.NET The whole operating mechanism of core is presented to readers completely and clearly. It mainly includes the basic knowledge and installation of. Net core, dotnet command, installation and use of Visual Studio development tools ASP.NET Core principle and its components, Entity Framework, core framework ASP.NET Core MVC framework and dependency injection.
” ASP.NET The core application development project is mainly about《 ASP.NET Based on the introduction of core application development, a simplified logistics management information system (tplms) is developed to practice ASP.NET Core MVC application framework development technology. MVC decomposes a web application into model, view and controller, which helps to manage complex applications, simplify group development, and make complex projects easier to maintain. The book is divided into 11 chapters, in order to meet the thinking mode of beginners, and combined with the actual project, it introduces in detail how to base on the ASP.NET Core MVC to build management information system, as well as complete the development, testing, deployment and other work links. The system in the book mainly adopts three-tier structure and combines with DDD. The focus of this book is ASP.NET Core MVC and easyUI programming skills, namely the implementation process of functional code. Through the study of this book, readers can master it ASP.NET Core MVC, easyUI and EF core.

The characteristics of this book, I think focus on practice: “practice out of real knowledge”, through the actual examples, through practice to learn ASP.NET Core related knowledge, practice is the most effective means of learning. Through the ASP.NET Only when core knowledge is applied to a real application can we ensure the correctness of our knowledge. Practice can not only consolidate what we have learned, but also make us aware of deficiencies. ” ASP.NET The introduction to core application development will provide a series of examples for readers to practice in each chapter.” ASP.NET Core application development projectThrough a complete logistics management information systemASP.NET Development technology of core MVC application frameworkThe actual combat.

Readers of this book
The content of this book is not only suitable for those who have not been touched ASP.NET Core is also suitable for developers who want to get started and do in-depth research as soon as possible ASP.NET The core has developers and designers with a certain understanding. Readers of this book need to have a certain understanding of. Net, including C ා and. Net core. I believe that readers of different levels can learn from《 ASP.NET Introduction to core application development and《 ASP.NET Find out what you want to know about the core application development project. For junior and intermediate developers, it can help you get ASP.NET Core’s comprehensive knowledge is systematically sorted out ASP.NET Practical knowledge structure and practical ability.

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