As programmers, why is the pay gap so big?


Recently, I often visit the workplace area. It is said that millions of people per capita are worthy of their reputation. However, some offer Posts still reveal the wealth password of high salary programmers.

As programmers, why is the pay gap so big?

As programmers, why is the pay gap so big?

Why is the same programmer, but pay so much worse? Why can a new student be offered by several big factories at the same time?

Among the programmers I contact, the monthly salary of the high paid programmers has reached one million yuan a year, but more programmers are still struggling on the line of food and clothing. The same is that the gap between programmers is huge. Apart from the difference between “advanced” and “junior” in terms of name, what is the difference in other aspects?

On the one hand, according to the work experience of each programmer and the accumulation of their own technology, the IT industry technology iteration is very fast, if you want to keep up with it, you must continue to learn new technology and make continuous progress. Experience and technical level naturally divide a programmer into several grades, resulting in different salaries

On the other hand, there are differences in job types. According to the work modules in charge, there are front-end, back-end and mobile end, and according to the language, there are Java and python engineers. There are artificial intelligence, big data and so on.

Different types of work in the same years of experience and there is a big difference in salary, high salary positions are often those ordinary programmers need to expand the field of learning.

As programmers, why is the pay gap so big?

From this questionnaire for recruitment of big data, we can see that the salaries of algorithms, big data, artificial intelligence and other positions are shaking ahead. In this way, it is not surprising that the salary of algorithm engineers who have just graduated is so high. Moreover, there is a growing demand for such high paid jobs in the market.

However, how do ordinary programmers and computer majors have these high paid skills competent for their jobs?

Competition is the shortcut!

As programmers, why is the pay gap so big?

The talent recruitment competition is a must-have algorithm

A Zhihu answering friend said in his reply to “what is the status of kaggle’s competition in the field of machine learning”

I’ve been to the kaggle competition. I’ll read my resume.
I’ll call for an interview if I get 10% once.
I’ll give an on site interview if I’ve got 2 or more 10%.
Once we get the top 10, we’ll talk and laugh.

After a competition, all the skills and theoretical basis that you need to have can basically make you competent for 80% of the high salary algorithm and data related posts on the market.

What is a data race? How to participate in the data contest, ordinary programmers, computer science students how to enter the data contest?

Turing federal Federation competition gurus hold “data Contest introduction open class for you”

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As programmers, why is the pay gap so big?