As a software technician, what is the difference between China’s industrial software?


“China’s industrial software” is an old topic,The ideal state is always new, but it is still not optimistic about the development of industrial software。 As a technician with more than 10 years of development experience, talk about this macro topic to face up to the future development.

Recently, I communicated with a boss who made bedding. He used to send raw materials and goods to others, later made products, slowly developed into a brand, and now opened a flagship store in Yibao and pindd. Selling products online is a new way of brand publicity and sales. At first, there were only more than 10 views per day, but now there are more than 200 views. The conversion rate of forming orders every day is about 10%.I asked him why he didn’t buy traffic. He said that without good product quality, he may die faster after buying traffic. In essence, he still needs to do a good job in the product. Now the traffic and conversion rate are slowly improving

According to this mode of thinking, “making products” is also applicable to the field of industrial informatization. Many foreign software products have been formed from small to large after more than ten years and decades of development. Whether we can use open source ecology to realize curve overtaking is also a proposition worthy of discussion.however“Making products”Not a technical problem, but““Engineering technologyProblems, including engineering thinking, field business, product design, technical basis, etc,For example, some technicians can only do demo cases and can not form projects or products. Companies are recruiting “business experts”, “product managers” and “technical engineers”, butIn the process of integrating these resources according to software engineering thinking, it can not form an effective joint force, but gradually move towards involution。 After years of accumulation and exercise,Cultivated“Engineering technology”Personnel will be restrained by involution

The development of “engineering and technical” personnel is limited by the general environment. They have either become old-fashioned or pioneers seeking environmental breakthrough。 The excuse of “veteran” is that the general environment restricts personal development, and “pioneer” also faces the restrictions of business, products and technology, because it is impossible for a person to have all abilities. For example, we are developers and are developingiIn the process of neuos industrial Internet operating system, it is necessary to sort out and integrate the code accumulated in the past and develop new code, so as toForm framework, application, product and systemDespite the lack of market sales,It’s also a painful process。 However, compared with WinCC, InTouch and other mature industrial software, it has the advantage of late development.

Even with the product,It is also facing the impact of “engineering products” of utilitarianism。 There are a number of Companies in ChinaUsed to staring at foreign Silicon ValleyAs long as there are semi-finished software and hardware products or open source products over there, they can be packaged or transformed into products of domestic companies for marketization and commercialization, but domestic companies can not keep up with the development of foreign engineering thinking,Therefore, domestic individuals or companies with independent ability are facing the pressure of double harsh competition at home and abroad。 In addition, now everyone can talk about the framework. For example, when we are engaged in the construction of industrial platform, others will ask why we don’t use Kafka, Flink, Hadoop, etc. domestic technicians haveI’m used to stacking the product componentsAt the same time, it meets the market demand and doubt. Using mature products is a realistic choice, and there is no right or wrong.However, after the habit is formed, the ability of independent innovation is naturally reduced. It is more difficult to change human nature than to change habits。 The good phenomenon is that some domestic enterprises now have independent products in modeling tools, databases, business and so on.

For enterprises, whether they develop new products or open up their own market; Or rely on low cost and low price to seize the market,All require the ability of R & D or application innovation。 Do what others haven’t done, do what you haven’t done,Form a competitive advantage in the market through the differentiation of product forms.

Pass““Engineering technology”Only by realizing systematic and standardized technology and application modules can we do large-scale customized development and production。 Only by customization can we realize differentiation; Only by realizing differentiation can we have bargaining power, profit and sustainable development.

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