As a programmer, do you know what software must be installed on win



From the beginning of unpacking a new computer, or reloading the system, we need to download a bunch of software for work or to cooperate with a certain technical ability display. Of course, you have different occupations, and the tools you need are naturally different. This article recommends several software that may be popular for the programmer community, and you are welcome to add.

First software downloaded

Google ChromeThere is no doubt that it is the preferred browser for programmers. At the same time, it is strongly recommended that other friends who read this article experience this browser.

Although the edge browser provided by win10 has surpassed Firefox, it is still far from enough for programmers. For ordinary users, it is better to use the edge browser provided by win10.

With a good browser, we can use it as an entry point to install other software.

Advanced Notepad

I suggest Notepad + +, or EDITPLUS. Although the former is known before, it can’t be replaced by habit. The power of its function and the convenience of its use do not need to be mentioned here. We all know what we have experienced.

In addition, there are many other alternative software, such as vscode

Screenshot tool

FastStoneI highly recommend that it’s convenient to use, powerful in function and small in size. So far, no software can match it.


  • Can be arbitrarily shaped
  • Intercept window
  • Scrolling the cut length graph, this function is very cool to use
  • Can record screen, after testing, recorded video is very clear.
  • Small size, can be hidden at the edge of the screen
  • Second edit the screenshot, save local, clipboard, annotation, text, color, etc
  • Free, no advertising

If you often need screenshots, this software is your best choice.

Download address:….

MD editor

As a programmer, I believe that you will take notes more or less, and the notes of programmers will inevitably use code snippets. However, throughout some common editors, few of them have very good support for code, but MD editor solves this problem, making the content operation of text + code more friendly.

considered as first or best-knownTypora, compared with other editors, it has the following advantages:

  • Support win, MAC, Linux at the same time
  • Free, no advertising
  • Multi theme, you can also customize it (see the figure below)
  • You can export MD to multiple formats (see the figure below)
  • What you see is what you get. It doesn’t affect the size of editing area at all. Small screen users love it.
  • Real time word count

There are many hidden and convenient functions for you to explore

As a programmer, do you know what software must be installed on win

As a programmer, do you know what software must be installed on win

If you associate the MD file with typora, it is convenient to view the file. Compared with other software, this MD editor is too lightweight.

Download address:

Note software

Note taking software is not divided into industry and work type. A suitable note taking software will help improve your work efficiency, and also help your knowledge system and personal growth.

The progress of programmers depends on whether they keep learning and outputting, which is one of the important reasons why we often see big people suggest us to blog.

It is recommended to use Youdao cloud notes and impression notes.

Download address:


Outline / task record

Solve these two scenarios:

  1. List one to do task
  2. Sort out the outline ideas and improve the details later

If you often have the above requirements, you are recommended to useCurtainThis software, which uses hierarchical relationship, is very suitable for sorting out ideas and listing outlines. It also provides a key to convert notes into mind map.

Download address:

Gif recording

Dynamic map making, especially when writing a blog, inserting a GIF map will present a complex knowledge point or effect clearly, and readers are more interested in reading.

Here is a recommended software:LICEcap

  • Green without advertisement
  • Small size, very light
  • Free to record any size area
  • No watermark

Download address:

Mind mapping

Recommended hereXMind, supports Mac and win. As a programmer, sometimes summarize and copy the knowledge points, then the map is more suitable for use. I believe many people have used it. The advanced version of the software is built-in (if you can’t find PJ version, you can add my friend codingsmart to help you find it for free). I think the free version is enough.

If you are a Mac user, it is recommended to useXMind ZENAfter personal experienceXMindSlightly light and flexible.

Download address:

Code version control

Needless to say, SVN and git, of course, the latter can use the client sourcetree in addition to the command line.

Download address:

Video player

First recommendation potplayer

Potplayer is only 20 m in size, which accounts for the lowest memory of similar software. It supports strong acceleration engine, 3D video, multiple coding and subtitles, fast drag, smooth acceleration playback, multiple skin selection and noise reduction;

The disadvantage is that currently only windows is supported.

Second recommendation KMPlayer

KMPlayer (KMP for short) can play almost all video files. KMP can support endless new formats through various plug-ins. Powerful plug-in functions, directly inherited from Winamp, can directly use Winamp’s audio, input, visual effects plug-ins, and through unique extension capabilities, as long as you like, you can choose to use different decoders to decode various formats. Speaking of resource occupation, compared with KMP, only Mplayer from Linux can maintain such a small system resource occupation with powerful functions. The interface uses a skin format similar to winamp2, which is easy to make and has a wide range of sources.


The tools selected in different technical directions are different. There is no special suggestion here, but there is a principle: do not install multiple software that can complete similar functions.

to work in an office

  • Mail processingFoxmail
  • Document table processing: WPS or word
  • Communication and cooperation: Tim rather than QQ
  • Timely response: wechat
  • Nails (as appropriate)
  • Online collaboration: ink documents, Tencent documents
  • Online conference: Tencent Conference


  • If you want to do good work, you must first sharpen your tools
  • Each tool has its own focus, which aims to solve a certain demand of users, and should be good at using tools

This paper focuses on several software recommended to be installed under win system of programmers. In fact, the software installed in our actual work is far more than these. Please contact me (codingsmart) if you are interested or looking for software requirements. In addition, friends who use Mac, such as some of the software supporting win mentioned in this article, can’t find a good alternative, you can also contact me and try to recommend it to you!

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