As a newcomer, write about your feelings about this community



My nickname is “a big Gabe”, which comes from the abbreviation of my name. It has been used as my nickname of the whole network for a long time. Currently a sophomore, majoring in electronic information engineering, aiming at programming.

Brief programming experience

I am currently learning from teacher Liao XuefengPythonTutorial, take notes every day and publish your ownBlogAnd my official account number. It’s been two weeks.

Thinking programming

I’m very confused. I don’t know where to go. I have no bottom in my heart. My heart has anxiety about work. I’m worried that learning various technologies will make me ignore the knowledge that I really should learn. I study programming technology every day except for online classes. I think I’m a fake coder. I’m very shallow in programming technology. I also want to learn it well, but I can’t master that essence.

If I say: I love programming. I blush because I think my technology is very good, which is not what I should like to love programming. What about people who really love programming technology? I am very vague, but without exception, their skills are very superb. When others talk about this group, they all give thumbs up. However, only knowing Daniel’s skills is not good, but also knowing what causes their community status.

I used the word “community”. “Community” is composed of a group of like-minded people who use different technologies (“technology”, which is relatively broad, including programming language, application framework, etc.) for the same goal. There are many such communities. Linux is. This is not correct. There are many versions of Linux. I know Ubuntu and CentOS. These different Linux communities are independent of each other and serve different people.

I don’t understand why Daniel is Daniel now. I believe I will gradually understand in my future thinking.

Learnku community

I would like to say a word:When you meet such a community, you will wake up with a smile!Because I really need such a place to study. I have been to many technical communities, but I am most impressed by learnku community. The website layout is appalling. I like it very much.

While reading the community specification manual, I read aboutCommunity moderatorInformation, I didn’t feel excited at first. Later, I found that I could force myself to learn in such a way. So, I started my “trainee moderator” road. I’m in the python community. I’m a novice. Please bear with meAs a newcomer, write about your feelings about this community

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