As a designer, I have made a small app with stable passive income


Brief comment: the original author has no idea to change the world, that is, to improve and optimize the existing solutions a little bit, with a passive income of 100000 yuan, which can be used for reference. He has a saying that is very good, many people are blind Bibi, even without trying to bring rhythm.

(translation of this article, on behalf of the original author Andrew Ou)

As a designer, I have made a small app with stable passive income

I’m a designer. I made a simple weather wallpaper app. This small project brings me $300 of passive income every month.

A few years ago, I had an idea and put it into practice, so I made a weather wallpaper application, which is one of the best weather wallpaper on the market now. There are hundreds of wallpaper apps and weather apps on the market. What can I do differently? I realized that the wallpaper I saw was separated from the weather. I thought it would be a key point for my project to integrate the wallpaper with the weather.

As a designer, I have made a small app with stable passive income

Maybe it’s just a small idea. It doesn’t make any money, but it’s a good start. I asked some of my friends what they thought. Some of them thought it was cool, but most of them didn’t think I could make money from it. They even suspected that I was just talking about it and couldn’t make a product at all.

Many people tell you that “a pain point needs to be solved”, but this is not absolute.They are just repeating what they know about dogmatism and what they see in some articles, but they have no practice. You need to keep this in mind.

On the Google play store, there are many very simple wallpaper apps that sell for $0.99, but they have sold millions of copies. You can check them in the mall by yourself, which shows that this is an existing market and can be done.

In a word, this idea took root in my mind. I am a designer, I can execute the design part well, but I can’t program, so I find an outsourcing to finish the product according to my requirements. My app is free and provides basic weather effects, but for full effect, users need to spend $2.49 to unlock it. This is a key point. It is very important to provide users with some free versions. If they like, they can provide them with more advanced paid versions.

I first released a beta version of the app, and then people paid for advanced features. It really excited me. I have learned a lot from it, and continue to work hard to improve the app.

I promote my app in forums, such as redit. Sometimes some blogs will recommend my app, and I will get huge downloads. I remember that once I was recommended by the blog, I made 1000 dollars that week, but this peak won’t last long.

Now my app can earn $300 a month in stable revenue. My app has been released for four years,I earned 15000 dollars in all.Think about it, a simple weather wallpaper app can do this.

In this project, I learned:

  • Your application needs to do something useful. It doesn’t have to be big. It just needs to be more convenient and user-friendly than the existing solutions, and many ideas will come out. Although it may not be a million dollar idea, it may be a 50000 dollar idea. It’s good to make 50000 dollars passively.
  • You need careful design and good execution. Beautiful UX and solid products.
  • You need to try and fail.Some people always say this doesn’t work, that doesn’t work, or that the product has appeared before. These people don’t even do anything by themselves. You need to try. If you fail, you can learn a lot of experiences and lessons. If you don’t try, nothing can be done.

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As a designer, I have made a small app with stable passive income

How do I get rich by creating an android app?
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