Arithmetical coin first: an attractive new track – defi is both value and trend


Arithmetical coin first: an attractive new track

Defi is both value and trend

Since compound started mobile mining in June last year, it has set off a big curtain of the frenzy of defi. Although this vigorous "farming" movement has experienced a "tragic fate" of declining mining revenue and negative media reports. However, only a few months later, in 2021, that is, this year, defi made a comeback. The difference is that this time it came more intense and quickly, becoming the largest plate in the first quarter.

Arithmetical coin first: an attractive new track - defi is both value and trend

Yes, in the various fields with the core of DeFi's new financial model, and the leading events of different tracks have already been washed away by the bubble, all indicators have maintained a steady upward trend. Market sentiment and blockchain browser data have proved to this market and industry that defi is reshaping the operation mode of the financial world in an unprecedented fair and transparent way. At the same time, it is also reshaping the original valuation system of the blockchain world. It is a general trend of certainty and has opened a new era.

Defi + fil reshapes the filecoin industrial chain

The changes that defi brings to the industry are unstoppable, like a tide, wave after wave. In just a few months, new playing methods created with Delphi as the core surged, and the valuation of a single project is often hundreds of millions of dollars. The industry is self iterating at an amazing speed.

 As we all know, mining with fil mining machine or computing power is the foundation for the operation of filecoin industrial chain. From the perspective of investment, mining is one of the investment methods with relatively stable and rich profits. However, there have always been several difficult problems in Fil mining machine or computerized Mining:

  [if! Supportlists] 1, [ENDIF] mining machine or computing power mining involves many links (such as mining machine, mine, operation and maintenance efficiency, power and bandwidth, trusteeship integrity, etc.), so there are high requirements for participants' experience, and newcomers are easy to suffer losses due to stepping on the pit. This situation makes ordinary investors reluctant to try mining.

  [if! Supportlists] 2. [ENDIF] the current mining machine can actually be understood as a fixed asset in traditional enterprises. It is an asset with low liquidity. There is almost no simple and convenient way to realize or transfer, and it is impossible to participate in financial activities such as defi as a circulating asset.

  3. Due to the rigorous token economic model, fil mining has shut out many people who want to participate in mining. The high cost of pledge currency, the 540 day sector life cycle and the 180 day linear release of 75% output have brought high capital threshold and psychological expected risk to market participants. It requires very high personal risk-taking ability.

 In order to solve the above problems, filst takes the defil2.0 platform as the carrier, integrates the financial innovation of defi in the blockchain industry and introduces the computational power casting of NFT. It has built a decentralized standardized computing power certification market with transparent income and liquidity that ordinary users can participate in. It is an inevitable choice for the market to let fil mining machine or computing power realize the certification of assets through technical means.

Filst achieves multiple benefits with one stroke
Arithmetical coin first: an attractive new track - defi is both value and trend

Relying on the defil2.0 platform, filst has successfully realized the diversified advantages of traditional fil mining computing power certification, greatly reducing the threshold of user participation, high liquidity of computing power assets and multiple return compound interest rolling warehouse.

   After integrating various defi playing methods in the hot market, users can not only buy and sell their computing power at any time, but also carry out various operations such as pledge lending, liquidity mining and so on, resulting in very attractive value-added income.

   Secondly, the purchase of filst truly realizes the "one-stop" [lying and earning mode]. There is no complex process of purchasing mining machines / computing power. For example, there is no need to consider mining machine configuration and pay corresponding operation and maintenance costs. It not only reduces the burden on investors from the cost of investigating traditional miners, but also avoids the risk of "stepping on the pit" for people who are new to the mining / currency circle.

   Finally, filst has no lock cycle and no linear release cycle, which is its biggest charm and most attractive point. Although filst relies on fil, it is independent of filst. In order to maximize the liquidity of assets and bring convenience to users in real-time transactions, first achieves buy and sell, and can conduct 7 * 24h * 365 real-time transactions. Users can cash in first at any time or make profits by participating in other income methods of defil2.0 platform.

  More importantly, the filst held by the user will be activated to become a positive and liquid financial asset. Through filst, the holder can dig fil, make LP, borrow and earn platform currency and interest, killing many birds with one stone.

  In this way, the benefits of traditional fil miners will not only come from the block reward, but also enjoy the financial asset income corresponding to the computing power.

  The transparency and liquidity that filst brings to the filecoin industrial chain will, on the one hand, stimulate more people to participate in computing mining with low threshold and low risk. On the other hand, the deeper significance is to enable the buyer's filst standard solvency pass to participate in a series of defi activities such as lending and mining, giving liquidity value to solvency assets.

  The emergence of filst can be described as taking advantage of the time, place and people: relying on fil's strong ecology and huge development prospects, it has a stronger foundation, a stronger driving force for future development driven by the market, and a more favorable integration of the defi financial environment. With the higher and higher consensus of computing power certificate assets, the main stream groups also accept this new method more and more. Therefore, we should keep enough optimism, enjoy the many possibilities and play space brought by the industry and market, and actively participate in this feast. Whether you choose filst or fil, I believe you will have a good harvest.

Filst has become a “rookie” of standard computing power pass

Arithmetical coin first: an attractive new track - defi is both value and trend

In fact, at the beginning of the year, there was a calculative coin project in the mining of coin security platform, and the amount of funds involved once exceeded US $1.3 billion.

 After the launch of coin security, the coin price also performed very well. The traditional calculative power corresponding to the calculative power token has generated a great premium, which was once jokingly called "selling more than 3000 yuan of mining machines to 100000".

  Nowadays, as the "rookie" of fil standard Suanli pass, filst's great advantages have also brought high light performance, attracting the high attention of the capital market to Suanli coin track.

  As a standard computing power certificate, filst does not represent only the traditional computing power of fil, but captures the value of the whole platform and filecoin ecology.

  We know that the platform currency represents the expected value of the platform, which can bring more imagination to investors, while the traditional fil computing power anchored by standard computing power Tongzheng filst can also bring multiple benefits on the basis of its own premium.

  In other words, the value of each filst can essentially be calculated and predicted according to the income of traditional fil computing power. As an investment target that has attracted much attention from the market at this stage, filst takes fil as the core basis and existence basis, and has sufficient certainty and growth expectations, so it has more room for imagination.

  In fact, the most important thing is to watch a concert or ball game. Personal participation and witness are more important than anything.

  The participation of standard computing power pass as an asset in defi not only improves efficiency and expands income, but also makes fil mining machine or computing power become a liquid financial asset from the original fixed assets, which is both integration and exploration.

  The emergence of filst means new opportunities and choices, which may be in line with the tastes of some investors, including all those who are willing to participate from the mining circle, coin circle and chain circle, and fil miners.

If you want to join fil mining, but you can’t directly participate in it because of various restrictions, then filst will be your best choice!!!