Are you still using iPhone 5? Not updating as soon as possible may not work properly


Recently, apple began to push a reminder notice to iPhone 5 users, reminding them to upgrade the IOS system version of iPhone 5 as soon as possible, otherwise some important functions will fail, affecting the user experience.

Seven years have passed since the launch of the iPhone 5. According to the latest technical support documents, apple still provides support services for the iPhone 5 to some extent. Previously, Apple has released IOS 10.3.4 to solve the problem of location failure caused by GPS time reversal every 19.4 years. And this push notice is the last reminder that the iPhone 5 user update deadline is coming.

Are you still using iPhone 5? Not updating as soon as possible may not work properly

According to the support documents on Apple’s official website, by 0:00 on November 3, 2019, if the iPhone 5 is not updated to the latest version, it may not be able to use the app store, icloud, email, web browsing and other functions normally because the accuracy of GPS positioning cannot be guaranteed. If you fail to complete the update operation for iPhone 5 before November 3, you will only be able to update through the recovery backup function on MAC or PC, and the wireless software update and icloud recovery backup will not be available.

In view of this, for iPhone 5 users who have not yet completed the update operation, if they want to continue to use many functions that rely on GPS precise positioning, they should update the iPhone 5 as soon as possible before this Sunday.

In addition, Apple Devices affected by this problem also include some iPhone and iPad models released in 2012 and earlier, such as iPhone 4S. These devices need to update the system version to IOS 9.3.6 to avoid some important function failures.