Application scenario of tdsql-a product features of analytical database


Analytical database (analytical datbase tdsql-a, tdsql-a) is a distributed analytical database system independently developed by Tencent, which provides you with efficient massive data storage and online analysis and processing capabilities. It provides PostgreSQL version and Clickhouse version, with a total of two engine options. It adopts a non shared cluster architecture, supports row column hybrid storage, is fully compatible with PostgreSQL syntax and is highly compatible with Oracle Syntax, compatible with MySQL ecology, high compression ratio, complete distributed transaction support capability, multi-level disaster recovery and multi-dimensional resource isolation. It is suitable for GB ~ Pb massive OLAP scenarios.

Characteristics of analytical database tdsql-a
Self developed column storage: it provides efficient row column hybrid query capability, column storage capability, high compression ratio and storage space saving.

Mass data storage: MPP has no sharing architecture and elastic expansion nodes, which can support Pb mass storage and large-scale cluster communication, data interconnection and association query of large-scale clusters.

Efficient and complex query: millisecond processing of trillions of wide table data and second response of correlation analysis. The performance is several times to hundreds of times higher than that of open source and traditional databases; Strong OLAP analysis ability.

High compatibility: it supports SQL 2003 and PostgreSQL syntax, highly compatible with Oracle syntax, compatible with MySQL ecology, and supports stored procedures and complete distributed transactions.

Enterprise level data security: it has enterprise level security capabilities such as separation of powers, data desensitization, data encryption and data audit.

Strong data governance capabilities: efficient and flexible online capacity expansion, long tail data hot and cold separation, and data tilt solutions without user perception.

Application scenario
OLAP real-time analysis

Tdsql-a is applicable to OLAP application scenarios. It is often used as a collection library to accept multi-source business system data, and externally support various data analysis queries and report businesses.