Application of Wasi in browser and network of Wasi — webassembly weekly 1021


Editor’s note: this week’s webassembly news is very rich.


Accessing local files from a web browser through Wasi

The web assembly system interface (Wasi) allows web assembly applications to access the file system. So now you can access local files from browser based applications.

A self generated web assembly parser and serializer

With wasmbin library, rust developers can directly operate wasm code in the way of macro instructions in rust source code. Very powerful.

Towards sockets and network in webassembly and Wasi

Wasi enables wasm programs to access the operation standard library, but has been unable to support the network and sockets! This paper proposes a method to add sockets supporting Wasi, and describes the minimum implementation in assemblescript and rust.

On “binary security of webassembly”

This paper gives a critical reply to the article “reinvigorating: binary security of web assembly”. It’s worth reading.

File converter, a free and unlimited file converter

File converter can convert media files (including images and videos) from one format to another within the browser. In the background, it uses ffmpeg library, compiles it into webassembly, and performs the conversion process in the browser.

Wasm sunray, a ray tracing tool

Application of Wasi in browser and network of Wasi -- webassembly weekly 1021

Wasm sunray is written in rust and compiled as a webassembly to run in the browser. It uses thread.js Run the wasm transformation function in the worker thread.

Vugu: go + webassembly’s modern UI Library (experimental)

Have you ever wanted to write a Web UI without JS? Then you can try vugu. This project is inspired by Vue JS. It is a library written in go and compiled into webassembly. You can write Web UI in go and run it in browser.

Podcast with wasmer CEO

You will learn a lot about webassembly on the server side!

A tutorial on converting typescript to webassembly

In this article, Fernando doglio explains what assembly script is and how it differs from regular typescript. He provides a detailed tutorial on how to create, compile, and run an assembly script program in a web assembly.

Tutorial: creating webassembly applications with go

Follow this tutorial to create a webassembly program in go and run it in a web browser. It teaches you how to call JavaScript functions from go source code.

Tutorial: creating a swift program for webassembly

Webassembly is used as the middle layer to make swift program interoperate with go and rust programs.

Tutorial: using C in web applications through webassembly++

Follow this tutorial to implement a simple algorithm written in C + + and provide it to JS web application through webassembly.

Tutorial: how to use rust, webassembly, JavaScript and PubSub + to run native applications in browsers

PubSub + is a JavaScript framework, which can combine the browser JS host with the webassembly program written in rust.

Rusty news

The fastest and most efficient language

C is the fastest and most efficient. Rust even ranked before C + + and won the second place. In contrast, go is three times slower, JavaScript is six times slower, and Python is 70 times slower, which is very resource consuming.

Valve’s proton 5.13 now uses rust

Proton 5.13 was released. The exciting news is that proton is now in production using rust as part of the media converter!

Proton and Steam client support Windows games on Linux

Announce Tokio 0.3 and the path to 1.0

The Tokio team announced the release of Tokio 0.3, which is also the beta version of Tokio 1.0.

New features:

  1. Change to IO feature.
  2. New runtime generator.
  3. I / O driver overhauled
  4. API meets future requirements

Prove 1 + 1 = 10 in rust

This interesting article, let you understand the binary mathematics in rust.

Genpdf, a very easy-to-use PDF generator written entirely by rust

Genpdf is based onprintpdfandrusttypeBuild an advanced PDF generator.


Embrace serverless and you’ll save a lot of money

By changing from container service to FAAS, armedia reduced the annual cost of a service from $1730 to $4, saving 99.8% of the cost! This blog post details the serverless architecture they use and how it saves resources.

Three kinds of no server monitoring indicators on AWS

This article introduces some server free metrics that are critical to the health of your application. For IT staff, this article is worth reading.

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