Application of HTML and CSS in flash


Application of HTML and CSS in flash:
I accidentally saw my colleague den making a small thing: Using HTML and CSS in flash. The code is as follows:
var myStyle:TextField.StyleSheet = new TextField.StyleSheet();
content_txt.styleSheet = myStyle;
content_txt.multiline= true;
content_txt.wordWrap = true;
content_txt.html = true;
var story:XML = new XML();
story.ignoreWhite = true;
story.onLoad = function () {
content_txt.htmlText = story;

This is to load external CSS and HTML (in fact, it is to load XML when html is used -#b). Later, den wrote two ways to write styles in as:
var css_str:String = “.aoao{color:#010101;font-weight:bold;} .aoao:hover{color:#ff0000}”;
myStyle.parseCSS(css_str)myStyle.setStyle(“.aoao”, {color:’#010101′, fontWeight:’bold’});
myStyle.setStyle(“.aoao:hover”, {color:”#ff0000″});

In fact, HTML can also be written in as. Just spell string directly. Whether CSS is written in as or loaded with external CSS depends on the situation. The number of requests, file size, cache and, more importantly, maintenance cost should be considered when using the web. However, in web applications, I didn’t expect any more suitable applications. It doesn’t make much sense to load HTML and CSS with flash after using HTML to load flash in the browser, and the support is not generally weak. Take a look at the supported HTML tags and CSS attributes, = Originally intended to solve the problem of Chinese underline, but it still didn’t work. It is said that others used flash to draw underline drops.
Just play with the browser application. Stay in the desktop app.

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