Application field of blockchain – Internet of things and logistics (II)


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Distributed storage, encryption algorithm and consensus mechanism. Blockchain technology with these typical technical characteristics has been favored by many industries since its birth and contains great potential. Among these industries, the Internet of things and logistics are more mature areas for the application of blockchain technology.

Blockchain can be naturally combined in the field of Internet of things and logistics. Blockchain can reduce logistics costs, trace the production and transportation process of goods, and improve the efficiency of supply chain management. This field is considered to be a promising application direction of blockchain.

Through the hierarchical structure of the scattered network connected by nodes, the blockchain can realize the comprehensive transmission of information in the whole network and test the accuracy of information. This feature improves the convenience and intelligence of Internet of things transactions to a certain extent. The blockchain + big data solution uses the automatic filtering mode of big data to establish credit resources in the blockchain, which can double improve the security of transactions and improve the convenience of Internet of things transactions. Save time and cost for the application of intelligent logistics mode. Blockchain nodes have very free access and can participate in or leave the blockchain system independently without any interference to the whole blockchain system. Blockchain + big data solution makes use of the integration ability of big data to make the expansion of basic users of the Internet of things more directional, which is convenient to realize user expansion among scattered users of intelligent logistics.