Application delivery and upgrade based on rainbow application market



How to deliver the developed application to the end-user’s production environment has become a very important topic after the enterprise chooses rainbow as the production delivery platform. Through the actual test process, this paper explains how to deliver the application through the rainbow application market, and how to synchronize the upgraded content to other applications that have been deployed through the original version of the application market after the original application has been upgraded.

Process of application market delivery based on rainbow

Advance preparation

Two rainbond environments are required to complete this operation. One is the publishing platform for applications, which is used for the publishing and upgrading of applications; the other is the deployment platform, which will realize the delivery and upgrading of applications through offline export / import of market applications.

In this paper, we build two sets of rainbow v3.7.2 as the test environment to demonstrate and verify the application delivery and upgrade through the application market.

Application publishing and export

This test selects a spring boot project based on Maven. It is combined with MySQL to form a complete application. Next, publish it as an application market application and export it as a package. The exported test application package is provided here for users to test.

Import of application package

Next, we will import the application package just exported in a new environment. This process corresponds to the delivery scenario in the offline environment based on the rainbow application market.

Application delivery and upgrade based on rainbow application market

Once the import is complete, you can use build from the application market to build the imported package as an application. The application delivery based on the rainbond application market is completed.

Application market upgrade operation

App republication

How can I upgrade applications that have been released to the application market? This involves duplicate releases of the same application. Here is an important point:

Do not delete the original app after it is published to the app market. The future upgrade will be based on the original application and adjusted. After the adjustment is completed, the application in the application market can be upgraded by re publishing to the application market.

Next, based on the spring boot, a complete upgrade operation is implemented. Before you start, deploy an application through the non upgraded application marketapp_deliveryAs a test case; and for the application of the source repository to add an identification filenew_file_for_testSimulation application source code changes.

Application delivery and upgrade based on rainbow application market

Rebuild to upgrade original application

Application delivery and upgrade based on rainbow application market

Republish to upgrade applications in the application market

It should be noted that when the same application is republished,EditionOnly when it is consistent with the original application can it be regarded as an upgrade of the original application; otherwise, a new application will be released.

Application delivery and upgrade based on rainbow application market

The same as the upgrade of application market deployment application under rainbow

For applications deployed with the first version of the application in the application marketapp_delivery。 After the app is republished, you can upgrade it. Rainbow will automatically detect the version of the application in the market and reflectApplication upgradeButton.

Application delivery and upgrade based on rainbow application market

Upgrade of application market application under different rainbow

For other delivered rainbow environment, how can we upgrade in the delivery environment after upgrading the application? We need to re export the application and import it into the delivery environment. The export method and introduction are provided here. The export test application upgrade package. Zip) is provided for users to test.

After successfully upgrading the application market application, you can upgrade the application that has passed the original version.

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