Apple’s ten year invitation to appreciate the world changing moment


Since the era of Steve Jobs, the press conference has become the stage of Apple‘s passionate performance. Before each conference, apple sent out various invitation letters to the media. These posters or smart, or profound, often can reflect the extraordinary creativity of apple new products, has a high ornamental value. Now, less than 24 hours after the launch of the new iPad this morning, let’s recall how Apple’s invitation letter has changed in the past 10 years.

[iPhone series]

The first is the poster of Macworld 2007, the moment when the iPhone was born:

改变世界的瞬间 苹果邀请函艺术海报十年报赏

Although jobs had done a lot of preparation for the launch, there was no obvious information about the mobile phone to be released on the poster of the iPhone 1 launch, but Apple’s bold words “2007 is a new beginning” seemed to indicate the determination of iPhone to change the mobile phone industry.

Invitation poster for the 2nd generation iPhone 3G mobile phone conference, from WWDC 2008:

改变世界的瞬间 苹果邀请函艺术海报十年报赏

Yeah? Two golden gate bridges? This poster is obscure enough, but the fact is that with the release of the iPhone 3G and app store, software developers have another bright way to go. Apple’s dominant position in the field of smart phones

In wwdc2009, apple took out the iPhone 3GS as promised, and it introduced cortex A8 architecture processor for the first time. The iPhone is just like sunrise:

改变世界的瞬间 苹果邀请函艺术海报十年报赏

The slogan “make your mark here” seems to be calling on developers, while the mobile phone image in the poster clearly and abnormally tells us that the iPhone 3GS is coming. But too obvious “exposure” theme, it seems that everyone’s excitement at the scene is much less. Complex human beings

Wwdc2010 poster:

改变世界的瞬间 苹果邀请函艺术海报十年报赏

This time, it’s iPhone 4, but not just iPhone 4. WWDC 2010 can be said to be the pinnacle of Apple’s iPhone and jobs’ personal career. There are two main characters in this conference: iPhone 4 and iOS 4, and jobs. IOS 4, which appeared at the conference, is of great significance. Since then, iPhone has the ability of multi task processing and added the folder function of collecting applications, which is very practical.

IPhone 4S launch in October 2011:

改变世界的瞬间 苹果邀请函艺术海报十年报赏

Maybe many students still vaguely remember that many rumors at that time were that Apple would release two mobile phones at the same time, which almost became a fact. However, in the end, apple only released one – from the big red “1” on the poster – that was the iPhone 4S.

September 2012 iPhone 5 launch:

改变世界的瞬间 苹果邀请函艺术海报十年报赏

The distance is getting closer and closer now. This time in 2012, the message of the poster was very obvious. The shadow on the ground formed the “5” pattern. This is not just an upgraded iPhone. It’s a brand new design. Although many people complain about the new design of the iPhone 5, it has to be admitted that it has been quite successful.

In September 2013, the iPhone 5S / 5C launch:

改变世界的瞬间 苹果邀请函艺术海报十年报赏

At its September launch, Apple released for the first time two phones at the same time: the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C.

In the background of the poster, you can notice that some of the circles are not filled with color, they are strange circles, and now everything is clear – that’s the home button of the iPhone 5S. And the style and color of this poster is also very similar to IOS 7, everything is in silence.

WWDC 2013, IOS 7 officially announced:

改变世界的瞬间 苹果邀请函艺术海报十年报赏

Bright color matching, color gradient, flat design? This WWDC 2013 logo gives the first impression of IOS 7 – flattening.

[iPad series]

In January 2010, the first generation iPad:

改变世界的瞬间 苹果邀请函艺术海报十年报赏

This graffiti poster, as always, does not reveal specific products, but it undoubtedly shows that Apple does have a new product to release – that is, the iPad that shocked the industry, completely destroyed the netbook, and turned the PC era into a post PC artifact.

In March 2011, the second generation iPad:

改变世界的瞬间 苹果邀请函艺术海报十年报赏

This is probably the most serious poster of Apple’s showbiz, which clearly reveals the existence of the new iPad 2 in the upper right corner. It’s worth mentioning that the iPad 2 is also the longest lived product in the history of the iPad family – and it’s still on sale today when the iPad air is released.

March 2012, iPad retina poster:

改变世界的瞬间 苹果邀请函艺术海报十年报赏

This poster has been misread by the industry. Everyone thinks Apple will add a touch screen with “real touch”. But in fact, Apple has not added any touch feeling features to the iPad, but the display screen has made a great progress: the iPad has a 2048 × 1536 resolution screen.

In October 2012, ipad Mini launch:

改变世界的瞬间 苹果邀请函艺术海报十年报赏

The “little” in the poster indicates the existence of mini, but this time it is not “little more”, but the blockbuster product ipad Mini.

In October 2013, iPad air, ipad Mini retina, macbook pro, Mac Pro:

改变世界的瞬间 苹果邀请函艺术海报十年报赏

At the new product launch in October this year, Apple announced four new products in one breath: iPad air, ipad Mini, macbook pro and Mac Pro. The poster slogan “still have a lot to cover” also reflects this.

This is the end of nearly all the apple press conference posters in the past 10 years. Which one do you like best?