Apple’s interpretation of HTTPS

Due to the news of "Apple Developer Conference in June 2016 mentions the compulsory implementation of HTTPS in 2017", I believe most developers are ignorant when they hear the news, mainly because they are not sure what specific measures Apple will take in this aspect after January 1, 2017.
I think it can be reflected in the following points:
1. I don't know what HTTPS is at all;
2. How can our app meet Apple's requirements in this respect (as well as the relevant requirements of the server);
3. What will happen if we don't adapt our app to this requirement;

There are a lot of online reference materials for the introduction of HTTPS, and there are also a lot of online materials for the introduction of IOS compatible with HTTPS. However, from the information found, we can see that the main information is the news on the Internet, forums, technology groups and related blogs. After this news comes out, we answer the 1 or 2 questions I listed above, and the third question, There are so few related argumentation and news articles, so I decided to start with the news released by Apple (after all, official news and announcements are the most authoritative and persuasive).

At the end of the work, I spent 1-2 nights combing all the relevant videos of the developer conference and the news announcement of Apple's latest news from the beginning to the end and 2-3 times. After making unremitting efforts to communicate with Apple's technical support department through several phone calls a day, I finally addressed my third question above, A reliable conclusion is obtained
"Apple's developers conference in June 2016 mentioned the compulsory implementation of HTTPS in 2017" is only for new submitted and updated versions of apps. When the app is submitted for review, Apple will make relevant requirements on this aspect, and apps that have been launched before will not be affected.
Moreover, apple only proposed this regulation at this year's developers conference, but the specific implementation time of this regulation has not yet been determined. After the decision is made, it will send an email to the developer in advance and show it on the latest Apple announcement (this is more consistent with Apple's consistent practice).

Finally, it was found on Apple's official website on December 21, 2016
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Therefore, today I write this article to express my feelings about the past few days and my understanding of the news, hoping to help

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