Apple releases the second public beta of MacOS 11 Big Sur


Is the second public beta version of MacOS 11 Big Sur worth upgrading?According to macrumors, apple officially released the second beta version of MacOS 11 Big Sur update today. Testers participating in the apple beta test plan can download MacOS Big Sur beta 2 through the “software update” mechanism in “System Preferences” after installing the corresponding configuration files.

MacOS Big Sur introduces an optimized design for the MacOS operating system, which is more similar to IOS, but the MAC adjusts the window design, color palette, application icon, system sound, menu bar and sidebar.

This update introduces the control center into the MAC for the first time, which enables faster access to system controls such as volume, keyboard brightness, screen brightness, Wi Fi connection, etc.

The updated notification center will have more interactive notifications and redesigned widgets similar to the new “widgets” in IOS 14. Notifications are now grouped by application, and you can customize the display of these widgets.

Safari has a customizable start page, built-in translation and “privacy report” features, so users can know which tracking settings each website uses to track personal data. At the same time, an extended category has been added to the MAC app store.

Mac’s messages application has been comprehensively improved to work closely with IOS’s messages application, and supports fixed conversations, messages effects, as well as memoji creation and memoji stickers.

The redesigned Maps app in MacOS Big Sur adds support for indoor maps, guides and shared ETA updates, as well as generating bike routes and routes with electric car charging stations that can be sent to iPhone.

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