Apple MacOS Big Sur 11.4 official version released today, update summary


Early this morning, apple officially released   MacOS Big Sur 11.4 system update, version No. 20f71, is the fourth major update of MacOS Big Sur operating system launched in November last year.

Multiple graphics cards supporting AMD rdna2 architecture, support for paid subscriptions in podcast applications, and bug fixes for Safari browsers.

MacOS 11.4 is now available to all users. If not, it should be displayed on the screen soonSystem Preferences > software update in progress。 Apple also provides the latest software for iPhone, apple watch and Apple TV.

We learned that MacOS 11.4 is a small update after a series of new features were added to 11.3. However, the latest version does bring some substantive changes.

One of the main functions of MacOS 11.4 is to expand “GPU support based on AMD NAVI rdna2 architecture (6800, 6800xt and 6900xt)”.

MacOS 11.4 also includes support for paid subscriptions to Apple podcasts and some bug fixes.

Subscriptions to Apple podcasts can be purchased through monthly and annual subscriptions.

The channel brings together the programs of podcast creators.

This release also fixes the following issues

Bookmarks in Safari may be reordered or moved to folders that may appear hidden.

Some websites may not display correctly when your Mac wakes up from sleep.

Keywords may not be included when exporting photos from a photo application.

When searching for PDF files, the preview may become unresponsive.

The 16 inch MacBook may not respond when playing civilization 6.

The above is about Apple MacOS Big Sur 11.4. I hope you like it. Please continue to pay attention to developeppaer.

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