Apple MacOS Big Sur 11.3 developer preview beta 4 release with updates


What has been updated in Apple Mac OS Big Sur 11.3 developer preview / beta 4?Apple released the developer preview and beta 4 of MacOS Big Sur 11.3 early this morning. The new beta is two weeks after the third beta, and more than a month after the release of MacOS Big Sur 11.2.

There are few updates in beta 4. The highlight change is the redesign of the apple news + tag. The made for you shortcut key and live activity are added in the listen now part of Apple Music, as well as the sorting changes in reminders. The update also includes routine bug fixes and improvements.

MacOS Big Sur 11.3 introduces more Safari customization options, which can rearrange different parts on the start page, such as favorites, reading lists, Siri suggestions, privacy reports, etc. Developers can also develop new features for the start page.

This update also includes optimization for running IOS applications on MAC M1. When running iPhone and iPad applications on MAC M1, there is a “touch alternatives” option window, which allows users to set keyboard commands for touch input alternatives. By clicking the name of the application in the menu bar and selecting preferences, you can enable the touch substitution function for iPhone or iPad applications. This function allows users to customize click Shortcut keys for sliding and dragging.

In addition, if the Mac’s display device allows, there can be a larger window when the iPad OS application starts.

Apple’s music app also provides a new autoplay option that allows streaming services to continue playing music after the playlist or music queue ends. This new feature provided by Apple music is similar to the autoplay function added in IOS 14. With this feature, even if the playlist or album has ended, the audio playback of Apple music will not end.

MacOS Big Sur 11.3 also adds support for the latest Playstation 5 dualsense and Xbox series X / s handles, which can be used for games on MacOS.

At the same time, “about this Mac.” this page has added many new features, including electronic warranty and checking the warranty of your own equipment. This page is similar to the AppleCare menu in the IOS “Settings” application. It allows users to apply for maintenance, purchase AppleCare plan and check the hardware coverage.

For homepod users, MacOS Big Sur 11.3 supports the homepod stereo function, allowing a pair of homepods to be set as the default sound output option, and the two homepods are displayed as a single optional speaker instead of being displayed separately as in the previous version of MacOS.

The code in MacOS Big Sur 11.3 shows that the new battery charging optimization function will maintain the service life of MAC battery by limiting the charging time of MAC battery. The MAC device’s battery will be fully charged before the events scheduled in the schedule.

The official version update of MacOS Big Sur 11.3 is expected to be officially pushed to all users in the spring.

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