Apple Mac system using VMware fusion 7 to install win7 virtual machine tutorial


VMware fusion 7 Mac version is a very easy to use virtual machine software under Mac OS X system. VMware fusion released its seventh version this year. In addition to supporting OS X Yosemite and windows 8.1 systems, VMware fusion 7 also optimizes the latest Haswell processor Mac. Need to install OS X and windows dual system students might as well try this software, the following PC6 small edition for you to bring VMware fusion 7 Mac version of the installation of Windows 7 virtual machine tutorial.

Software name:
VMware fusion professional for Mac v7.0 for Macs
Software size:
Update time:
2014-10-20Download now


1. From Developeppaer download and install VMware fusion 7 for Mac

2. Windows 7 system installation image file

Start the formal installation steps as follows:

1. Starting VMware fusion 7

2. If there is no virtual machine installed, the “create virtual machine” interface will pop up. We can choose to install from the CD or image file, or import the PC in the same network. Of course, the quickest and easiest way is to choose the downloaded Windows image

3. In the interface of creating a new virtual machine, you can click use other CD images below to find and select the downloaded windows installation disk file.

4. After loading the windows installation file, you can select quick installation, and the only input is the account name. The password and windows product key can be left blank. Select the version of windows you want to install, confirm the user name, and then click continue.

5. Both VMware fusion and parallels desktop support three ways of integrating OS X and windows. The simplest way is to run windows in a separate window, that is, the one in the picture is more independent, and the functions and applications of the two systems are connected to each other, that is, the pictures are more seamless. In parallel desktop, it’s called fusion mode. Finally, let Windows occupy the entire screen. We can choose the integration level according to our own needs and familiarity with OS X system. If we are more familiar with OS X, we can choose to be more independent; if we are more familiar with windows, we can choose to be more seamless.

6. After the virtual machine configuration is completed, VMware fusion 7 will give a summary, including the client operating system, account name, memory and other information. If it is confirmed that there is no error, you can click finish and start the windows 8.1 virtual machine installation. No operation is required for the windows system installation of VMware fusion 7. After the above configuration is completed, the installation of VMware fusion will start automatically. We just need to wait.

7. Now you will enter the familiar Windows 7 installation interface and wait patiently.

8. During the installation process, it will restart twice and continue to wait.

9. If there are problems such as the resolution cannot be set and the network card driver is abnormal after installing the windows system, it is recommended to re install the VMware Tools. For the specific operation method, please refer to the tutorial before the small edition.