Apple Mac OS X system modify open document default program skills


With the increasing demand for portable computers, more and more partners are using MacBook. This time, I will share Mac OS X skills with you and modify the default program for opening documents. This article takes PDF file as an example. PDF files on my machine are opened by default with adobe reader. I want to change it to preview.

Specific methods:

Step 1: right click to select the file to be opened, and the right-click menu will pop up. Click the menu item “display introduction”.

The second step, pop up a brief introduction of the file, there is a column “open method”, open this column.

Step 3: select “Preview” as the program to open. But at this time, only the opening method of this file is changed. In the future, this file will be opened with “Preview”, and other PDF files will be opened with adobe reader by default.

Step 4. If you change the default opening mode of all PDF files, click the “change all” button below.


For more Mac OS X tips, you are welcome to pay close attention to computer developpaer.