Apple launches the official version of IOS 13 system, but it may be 13.1 in four days


On the morning of September 20, apple officially released the official version of IOS 13 system in the early morning. But at the same time, according to the IOS 13 and iPad OS preview page updates, Apple will release the IOS 13.1 update and iPad OS System on September 24, four days later, rather than the previously planned September 30.

After the September 10 launch, apple initially said IOS 13.1 and iPad OS would be released on Monday September 30, but it looks like the update time will be advanced now.

This is probably Apple’s fastest major upgrade. In fact, there are early signs of this situation. Beta 9, the IOS 13 developer beta that should have been pushed by the end of August, has not arrived. It has become 13.1 directly. We suspect that the new system may carry some relatively important functions, such as automatic shortcuts.

IPad OS is a new system this year. Although its name has been changed, most of its functions are similar to IOS 13, so it also has Apple arcade online games, black mode and other functions,

Apple hasn’t made it clear whether the official version of iPad OS 13 will be released, but considering that its update will be released on the same day as IOS 13.1, the first version of iPad OS may be directly iPad OS 13.1.

News source: Sina digital