Apk shelling method (update the flash back app solution on December 2021)


Method 1:

Need Frida

app: fenghuangxinwen

GitHub (code cloud) search Frida_ There are a lot of dump and Frida shelling tools. This is OK. Frida-dexdump can also be used if it can’t be removed:

Look at readme, the mobile phone starts Frida service, and the terminal inputs commands

After a while, the shelled DEX file appears, and the path is also displayed. Open it with re file manager:

Go back to the previous level and compress this folder:

The completed status will pop up, click view, and then cut to / data / local / tmp

Pull to the computer, unzip it, then drag it to jadx, and it’s OK

Method 2:
There is no need to Frida or open the app. It is suitable for this kind of reinforcement and root detection. If it cannot be opened, method 1 is incompetent,

Installation address:https://github.com/CodingGay/BlackDex

Directly open blackdex and select the reinforcement app (the first time I met an icon without this app, I installed 64 instead of 32)

Wait a moment, OK, pull to the computer, jadx open and have a look:
(don’t look, I didn’t find the keyword…)