Apicloud: the hard core element of cloud service development


With the rapid development of cloud computing related fields in recent years, more and more platforms are provided based on PAAS development capabilities, which makes many developers do not need to build their own applications from scratch on the server when writing back-end programs, and do not need to consider the network, storage, operating system, running environment and other basic configurations that are not closely related to development. This kind of cloud computing service based on the form of serverless greatly simplifies the application development, and even the later operation and maintenance, monitoring platform can be completed at the same time.

Various PAAS platforms provide efficient services for users, and developers can quickly develop relevant server programs according to their own business logic. Due to not paying attention to the environment configuration outside the business, the development efficiency has been greatly improved. At the same time, enterprises also benefit from this development mode, which improves the speed of product R & D and online. In this paper, we will analyzeCore elements of developing cloud servicesTo understand these will help us better choose and use various cloud service platforms.


Is cloud database easy to use and powerful

Developers often need to store business data when developing server-side applications, which requires a cloud database to help achieve these tasks.

The usage and functions of cloud databases provided by different cloud platforms are different. Developers need to choose according to their own actual situation,The first thing to consider is whether your business has a key scenario, such as transfer, payment, etc. These operations require high data consistency and transaction capability, so whether to support transaction is the first factor to be considered.The second is whether the operation of the database is convenientIn local development, Navicat and other tools are generally used to connect to the back-end database for related operations, but the cloud database is often configured through the web page. At this time, the ease of page configuration and whether the database configuration function is comprehensive are also factors that need to be considered.The third is whether it is convenient to access the database at the code levelThe interface provided should be easy to access the data.

**[apicloud data cloud 3.0 frontier intelligence]

  • Data cloud 3.0 supports transaction operation.
  • Define the data table structure visually, add, delete, modify and query the data, and support condition filtering on the page to complete the query.
  • The interface supports the functions of indexing tables, setting the association relationship between tables, importing and exporting.
  • Built in rich API functions, easy to operate the database in the program

Apicloud: the hard core element of cloud service development


Is flexible cloud function and interface management provided

In all cloud platform implementation, cloud function is one of the most important functions. We implement our business logic in cloud function. The compilation of cloud functions takes up the longest time for developers in cloud development,Whether the cloud function is powerful or not directly determines whether the developers can realize their business logic conveniently and quickly.

At the same time, the interface management of remote functions also involves a lot of work.Interface management is divided into two parts: interface document and interface joint debuggingA lot of documents need to be written in the design of API interface, which will be changed frequently after writing; When the actual code is different from the document, it also needs to be handled. Similarly, with the iteration of the version, the problem of interface document synchronization will be reflected again. To enter the interface joint debugging, developers need to configure it in the joint debugging tool according to the content of the interface document. Therefore, interface management is an important aspect to ensure the development progress.

[apicloud data cloud 3.0 frontier intelligence]

  • It provides support for up to six function types to provide developers with more ability to customize business logic.
  • Model driven development mode makes it easier to divide different functions according to business logic.
  • Interface management function: built in swagger compliant components, generate documents directly from the code, no need to spend more time on interface document maintenance and interface debugging.
  • The two sets of environments are more reliable. Cloud functions are divided into test environment and formal environment. After passing the test, they will be updated to the formal environment.

Apicloud: the hard core element of cloud service development


Does it support code base or reuse of existing code

For software development, integrating functions by directly using third-party code and services can greatly reduce the development cycle and risk of the project, reduce the development cost, and improve the reliability of the code. So whether a cloud platform can provide convenient code reuse ability is particularly important.

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The upcoming version 3.0 develops the server-side functional logic through model driven method, which can easily reuse the code through the model. We support the reuse of code in two ways, and can carry out secondary development based on the reused code to complete our own business logic.

  • Preset model: We preset common data models for users, which can be added directly. For example, Alibaba cloud SMS model, wechat applet model, etc
  • Import model, you can import the required model from the model library or other applications, reuse the table structure and function.


Operation, maintenance and monitoring

It is particularly important for developers to monitor the online code and whether the platform provides relevant monitoring. Developers need to know the actual operation of their own code in some way, such as whether the current server is unable to provide services due to triggering exceptions, check the information printed by themselves, the traffic used by the application and the storage space occupied, etc.

[apicloud data cloud 3.0 frontier intelligence]

Apicloud monitors the data storage, file storage, flow and API request of the application, and generates the corresponding consumption time line chart, which can make users understand the usage more intuitively. At the same time, it provides log monitoring, which is convenient to find problems in time.


Auxiliary functions, convenient for developers to use

In addition to the basic development capabilities, whether to provide users with some convenient components is also an important aspect of considering a cloud platform.

[apicloud data cloud 3.0 frontier intelligence]

  • Built in session: automatically open the session function through configuration.
  • Built in management background plug-in: in the process of application development, a management background is generally needed to provide basic information viewing and operation. This kind of management background function is similar, basic is menu management, authority management, page management. In consideration of this general-purpose requirement, apicloud3.0 provides developers with a built-in solution management background based on Amis. Developers can have their own management background through simple drag and drop and configuration.

Apicloud: the hard core element of cloud service development

At present, cloud computing is still in the stage of rapid development, and the demand for direct deployment in the cloud is increasing. The favorable policies issued by the state have made it a trend for enterprises to go to the cloud, and domestic manufacturers are also actively embracing the cloud capability; In the actual operation effect, cloud based development and operation of application services have obvious advantages, and gradually become the mainstream choice of software development industry. Under the trend of industrial change, apicloud will take advantage of the new iteration of data cloud 3.0, which will further enable the efficiency of platform developers and provide users with a new experience in cloud development.

Apicloud: the hard core element of cloud service development

Apicloud is the leader of low code development platform and explorer of efficiency revolution in China. Based on the integration of cloud native, Devops and hybrid development capabilities, apicloud has evolved from mobile development to low code development platform. Apicloud is committed to providing app customization and enterprise digital services for various industries.

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