Apicloud developer’s way to advance | h5callmap module using demo


Demo (need to be used in apicloud environment)



#Function description
The module can judge whether the mobile phone is installed with the specified map software;
This module is applicable to the project according to the latitude and longitude of the target to evoke the tripartite map installed in the mobile phone and mark the location, so as to achieve the goal of navigation and other map functions. At present, it supports iosamap (Gaode map navigation), baidu map (Baidu map navigation), comgoogle map (Google map navigation).

#Effect picture

Apicloud developer's way to advance | h5callmap module using demoApicloud developer's way to advance | h5callmap module using demo
#Dependent modules

Judge whether the current system is IOS (asynchronous)


Determine whether the current device is installed with map app (synchronous)

callMap.fnAppInstalled ('iosamap ', function (RET) {// required | string | iosamap, baidu map, comgoogle map

Open a map and mark the destination (asynchronous)


Object to get parameter format (asynchronous)

Fnconvertparam ({// required | object | parameter to be formatted

#Quick use
JS call

function fnOpenMap(){