API integration: 7 logistics query API tools for managing express logistics at home and abroad


What is the logistics query API?

Logistics query API interface is the function of logistics query provided by third-party companies to enterprises and end users to query logistics tracks in real time. After the user submits the express order number through the query API interface, the query API interface will retrieve the express company’s order number information and return the latest logistics information of the order number, including logistics track, distribution status, update time, etc.

The logistics query API can also be used to obtain information about the current transportation rate, verify the address (domestic and global) and keep records of sent and delivered packages, etc.

API integration: 7 logistics query API tools for managing express logistics at home and abroad

The following is a list of the world’s most popular API service providers

1. Express 100 API

Express 100 logistics query interface now supports the one-time docking of 1100 + logistics company interfaces, and provides express doc No. logistics track query interface services, including express logistics track query of JD, post, SF, Yuantong, Zhongtong, Shentong, Yunda, EMS, Baishi, Tiantian, etc. The daily data transmission capacity of express 100api is nearly 25g, the data storage capacity is nearly 65g, and the throughput is nearly 400000 pieces / s.

Express 100api can help users:

  1. Regularly track and monitor commodity logistics, actively push information, and support 1200 + Express Logistics.
  2. Query the express map track and estimate the express timeliness, estimate the timeliness through the express order number and receiving address, and display the track in the process of package transportation.
  3. Support express companies, rookies and Taobao to obtain, print and generate HTML.
  4. Through the interface, users can customize and configure the shipment doc template to realize the integrated service of shipment doc printing.
  5. Support printer sharing, remote printing, custom printing templates, pictures and accessories, etc.
  6. Through the interface, users can customize and configure the shipment doc template to realize the integrated service of shipment doc printing.
  7. Send SMS to logistics nodes to enable users to master express updates in time; Custom marketing SMS, advertising promotion, product promotion.
  8. Intelligently judge the express company to which the order number belongs; Enter the document number to identify the express company and improve the merchant’s recording experience.
  9. Querying the cost of express delivery on a certain route can estimate the cost of different express delivery, improve efficiency and reduce operating costs.
  10. Query the express timeliness and predict the arrival time after express orders.
  11. Express timeliness query (including details), predict the arrival time after placing an order, and return relevant details.
  12. Express obtains the location and telephone information of express outlets, determines whether an express can reach a place, and is used for layout reference.
  13. You can query whether the express service in a certain place is available by province, city and express company; You can also directly query the availability of a line.

2. Shippo API

The Shippo API helps users:

  1. Easily create shipping orders
  2. Update freight information
  3. Print electronic sheet
  4. Track cargo status anytime, anywhere

Self owned e-commerce brands and e-commerce platform sellers can integrate this API into e-commerce platforms or e-commerce SaaS service tools, which can more effectively help operators manage express transportation. Developers can use this API with almost all standard programming languages.

Shippo API endpoint list

  • Address – this endpoint allows you to create a new address that will be used to create shipments
  • Package – this endpoint creates a new package to transport
  • Rate – this endpoint returns the freight for the specified shipment
  • Shipping – shipping forms the basis of this API, and the shipping endpoint can be used to display shipping labels and rates related to a specific purchase

Shippo API pricing details

  • Pay as you go – $0.05 per shipment + postage
  • Professional Edition – $10 per month
  • Advanced version – this plan provides different customized settings according to customers’ transportation needs

3. Kite.ly API

Kit.ly API is a free API interface that developers can integrate into their e-commerce platform and ERP software. It allows users to make custom product packaging and make an appointment with the logistics company to transport the sold goods to any place in the world. Through the kit API, developers can access the kit global printing network. With this function, users can easily print their goods list.

Kit.ly API endpoint list

  • Getcustomerdetails – this endpoint returns the details of the customer specified by the customer ID
  • Getorderstatus – this endpoint returns the status of a single specified order
  • Listcustomers – this endpoint returns a list of all available customers
  • Listorders – this endpoint returns a list of all orders
  • Listshippingmethods – this endpoint returns all available shipping methods

4. API provided by snapcx

Snapcx is a logistics query API service provider that provides retailers with multiple API interfaces. Snapcx has developed the following APIs to help retailers, e-commerce sellers and b-end enterprises manage their express transportation operations.

Snapcx address verification API

Snapcx address verification API provided by snapcx enables users’ applications to verify the real situation of the receiving address anytime, anywhere in the world.

Address verification list for snapcx endpoints

  • Validateglobaladdress – this endpoint allows users to validate global addresses.
  • Validateusaddress – this endpoint only allows users to validate US addresses.

Snapcx address verification pricing details

  • Primary – $9 per month (no global address verification)
  • Global Edition – $39.00 per month
  • Enterprise Edition – $99.00 per month

Snapcx shipment tracking API

Snapcx’s snapcx shipment logistics tracking API can do this. No matter what kind of logistics cross regional company customers use, it can enable customers to obtain real-time information about the logistics tracking status of orders anytime and anywhere.

Snapcx shipping tracking pricing details

  • Starter Edition – $5 per month
  • Premium Edition – $19.00 per month

5. EasyPost API

Easypost API is an efficient logistics query interface that can help developers integrate all logistics and transportation information into the specified software.

The API provides the following services:

  • Logistics tracking
  • Freight label creation
  • Insurance purchase
  • Address verification
  • Service score
  • International transport services

All functions are encapsulated in a single API (easypost API).

Easypost API endpoint list

  • Address – creates a shipping address for this endpoint. The address shows the shipping and destination of the item
  • Package – create a new package and clearly define the properties of the package, such as size and weight
  • Verify address – this endpoint verifies the shipping address

Address verification API

Us address verification – 500 queries for $15 per month

  • 1000 queries, $25 per month
  • 5000 inquiries, only $50 per month

International address verification – 500 queries at $30 per month

  • 1000 queries, $60 per month
  • 5000 inquiries, only $300 per month

Easypost API logistics query API

This easy post tracking API endpoint enables developers to integrate postal parcel tracking into practical applications. Notifications about tracking status can be sent via email and SMS.

Easy post tracking API endpoint list

  • Trackpage – this endpoint creates a new tracker and returns tracking status details for the specified package
  • Gettrackers – this endpoint returns all packages tracked by a specific API key
  • USPS shipping API on rapidapi.com easily publishes price details of tracking API

Price details: pay as you go – 1 cent per package

6.Tariff Rates API

The tariff rates API provides tax rate information about each country that has a free trade agreement (FTA) with the United States.

FTA is an agreement reached between the United States and any country / region. In the agreed country / region, each country / region negotiates to reduce the tariff rate when transporting different products to any country / region.

Tariff rate API endpoint list

  • Search function – this endpoint is used to search for tariff rates in a specific country / region. Returns tariff rate information specific to a specified country.
  • Price details: tariff rate API service is provided to users free of charge

7.ParcelBright Shipping API

Parcelbright shipping API is one of the tools for most overseas online retail stores and e-commerce website customers to solve express transportation management problems. It can mainly help users easily realize:

  • Cargo status information tracking
  • Generate order and invoice labels
  • Real time query of transportation progress

Shippingapi endpoint list

  • Pay order – this function allows the user to create a transportation document for the goods to be purchased
  • Cancel purchase – this endpoint allows the customer to cancel the purchase of goods online and refund according to the business terms and conditions
  • Country list – this endpoint returns a list of countries with the correct shipping code
  • Booking shipments – this function allows the user to create a bill of goods to be booked on the system

Pricing details

UK – £ 4.99 (up to 25 kg)

Europe – £ 10.49 (< 10kg)

Elsewhere – £ 14.99 per 1kg


These are domestic and foreign logistics tracking API service providers whose technical strength and customer service ability are widely recognized. They can make it easy for every developer to integrate logistics information management tools into all the programs they use, including SAAS and ERP. Help more e-commerce sellers,B-end enterprises and retailers manage logistics well and reduce costs and error rates

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