[API advanced road] the micro innovation brought by API moved investors and encouraged me to start a business


abstractHow to help creators improve the amount of video recommendation? What I found: the cover image of the video is very important.

Last time I said that the boss took a picture of his forehead and explained a new project: developing a short video editing tool with low cost(How to bring new projects with less people, less money and more demands? 》)。

I took the R & D team to work overtime for several days, and finally developed version 1.0 before the end of the month. The functions provided are similar to the existing editing software on the market, and the detailed experience may be better. However, after a week of product promotion, I found that the number of users did not increase much. It’s no wonder that there are so many similar products. If there are no new features, it’s hard for users to give up familiar tools and use new software. Therefore, the operation Department proposes to have innovative functions, otherwise it is not good to promote.

Needless to say, I’m also thinking about this issue. I surveyed more than 100 short video creators and found that the most anxious problem is not the video production itself, but the recommendation amount of the short video platform, which is directly related to the viewing amount and popularity of the video.

How to help creators improve the amount of video recommendations?After learning the recommendation mechanism of short video platform, I found a key point:The cover image of the video is very important,The content of the cover map largely determines the amount of video recommendation, user opening rate and so on.

It seems that we have worked hard from the point of “cover map setting”. Now the cover map setting functions include “upload image locally” and “select image from video”. We can add a “cover map making” function to help the creator make the cover map in combination with viewing user preferences.

First of all, we need to analyze the user’s preference to know what kind of content and what kind of pictures are more attractive to the audience, and then set the rules to check whether the rules are met when the creator makes the cover, and put forward creative suggestions.

I remember Huawei cloud has oneFace detection API,It can analyze whether there is a face, gender, age, expression on the picture. So we captured tens of thousands of popular short videos, intercepted cover images, analyzed these images with face detection API, and got a “classification and summary of cover features of popular videos”, and wrote a “cover quality self inspection” rule. When creating the cover, we combined the creator’s short video title and video content to pop up corresponding suggestions, such as whether the cover should be displayed There are portraits, gender / age / dress suggestions for cover characters, etc.

Face detection API can be used inHuawei cloud API ExplorerCarry out debugging.

1、 Open service

First of all, we should open the face detection service.

[API advanced road] the micro innovation brought by API moved investors and encouraged me to start a business

Here we need to pay attention to the region and version: Beijing 4, version 2.

2、 Formal call

Go back to the API explorer and debug the API.

[API advanced road] the micro innovation brought by API moved investors and encouraged me to start a business

Upload image file in API page_ Then input the attributes to be recognized, and click “debug” to debug the API interface and return the result.

3、 Parameter description

In “document request parameters / return parameters” on the right interface, you can view the meaning of request parameters and return parameters in detail.

[API advanced road] the micro innovation brought by API moved investors and encouraged me to start a business

After the function went online, the operation team focused on this to promote, and the effect was surprisingly good. What’s more surprising is that I received an invitation from an investor. In the 300 square meter conference room, the investor listened to my experience in the past, and then asked me a question: what direction do you have if I give you investment now to start a business?

Lucky (CI) blessing (Ji) come too suddenly??? I haven’t really thought about starting a business. The investor said, “when you have an idea, come to me at any time. I’ve got a crush on you. You have excellent technology and can look at problems from the perspective of business and market. You are sure to make great products.”

Once I have this little flame in my heart, I can’t put it out any more. In the next few days, I always think about it uncontrollably, start a business and do something about it? Until I saw Huawei cloud releaseResearch Report on API ecology and developers in China (2020)(click to download the full version of the report). It is mentioned in the report that 100% of the 5000 + valid respondents have used API in the development process, but the API industry is not mature in quality assurance, development process and development tools, and many API products are not well known by the public.

Maybe, this is my entrepreneurial opportunity? Maybe I can do this

(the first season of API is over, please look forward to the second season…)

The author said:

[API advancement road] in the first quarter, 20 issues have been continuously updated. In these 20 issues, the protagonist of the story, relying on the capabilities provided by various APIs, has been upgrading all the way, from the “front wave” which was looked down upon by interns at first to becoming Vice Chairman of the company’s technical committee later, and has helped the marketing and operation teams to solve many business problems, and even made successful projects independently in the end, which has won great success It is favored by investors.

Although the story is fictional, it just reflects the charm of API. API provides the ability to connect software creativity and R & D wisdom. Mature developers can use API to achieve rapid innovation, while junior developers can also use the ability provided by API to stably complete development tasks and achieve efficient and continuous delivery.

In the future, with the gradual maturity of API industry ecology, more help will be provided for developers. The story of the first quarter reflects the protagonist’s ability to look at products and R & D from the perspective of business and market demand, emphasizing personal growth and progress. In the second quarter, the protagonist will look at and use API from the perspective of entrepreneurs and industry, and continue to advance.

Thank you for your attention to the story of season 1. See you next season.

Learn more about API:

Download Huawei cloud API selection manual for freeResearch Report on API ecology and developers in China (2020)

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