Ape master sets the playback source method when playing RTSP applet with VLC in chrome


If single playback is not satisfied and multiple simultaneous playback is realized, the following settings can be made in the HTML code:

<iframe name="VLCApplet" id="VLCApplet" frameborder="0" align="left" width="550" height="540" scrolling="no>
        <param ID="2" Play="http://www.yuanmaster.com/DAHUARTSP.mp4" />
        <param ID="3" Play="rtsp://wzh:[email protected]:554/h264/ch1/main/av_stream" Caching="500" />

Or use it directly

<div id="VLCApplet" class="VLCApplet"
<param ID="2" Play="http://www.yuanmaster.com/DAHUARTSP.mp4" />
        <param ID="3" Play="rtsp://wzh:[email protected]:554/h264/ch1/main/av_stream" Caching="500" />

Param specifies the specific playback source, and the ID is the window serial number. The playback source of the first window has been configured in the JSON package that starts playback. There is no need to configure it here. Caching is a key parameter to specify the cache time and control the playback delay effect. If it is set here, the configuration in config.json is invalid. If it is inconvenient to configure multiple sources in HTML web pages, you can create a new WS connection to the listening port of the started playback applet after starting the playback window, and then call the following instructions to specify the playback source:
Dynamically change the number of split screens or play content
Showtype specifies the number of split screens. If it remains unchanged, it will not be set
Play reassigns the playback content

Request example 1:


Request example 2:

{"req":"VLC_ChangePlay","rid":79,"para":{"Play":[{"ID":1,"Uri":"rtsp://wzh:[email protected]:554/h264/ch1/main/av_stream","Name":"BrowserApplet1","Option":":rtsp-tcp"},{"ID":2,"Uri":"http://www.zorrosoft.com/Files/PluginOKBrowserApplet.mp4","Name":"BrowserApplet2","Option":":file-caching=300"}]}}

Request example 3:

{"req":"VLC_ChangePlay","rid":79,"para":{"ShowType":3,"Play":[{"ID":1,"Uri":"rtsp://wzh:[email protected]:554/h264/ch1/main/av_stream","Name":"BrowserApplet1","Option":":rtsp-tcp :network-caching=300"},{"ID":2,"Uri":"http://www.zorrosoft.com/Files/PluginOKBrowserApplet.mp4","Name":"BrowserApplet2","Option":":file-caching=400"},{"ID":3,"Uri":"rtsp://wzh:[email protected]:554/h264/ch1/main/av_stream","Name":"BrowserApplet3","Option":":rtsp-tcp"}]}}

Return respectively:


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