Apachecon’s first Chinese feast! Can ecarts be “easy to use” and “strongly personalized” at the same time?


Apachecon's first Chinese feast! Can ecarts be
(the picture shows the first apachecon conference in 1998)

Apachecon is a well-known open source feast. It is one of the most concerned conferences in the open source field and one of the well-known activities in the early open source movement. Its earliest issue dates back to 1998. At this session, developers of httpd services gathered together and decided to establish the Apache Software Foundation.

Apachecon is sponsored by the Apache Software Foundation and is now held once a year, usually in Europe or North America,It is a great opportunity for Apache developers to communicate, discuss and meet offline, and it is also a rare occasion to share ideas and stir up ideas.

With the development of computer technology, the topics of apachecon are increasing every year, especially the hot big data, which is simply separated and opened independently.

2020 is a special year. Although it has no impact on the overall development of Apache, offline communication cannot be realized. After all, viruses are still rampant, just like other large-scale conferences. This year, we chose to hold online. The advantage of online hosting is to increase the possibility, such as supporting multi language sub forumsThis is the first time that the issue of speaking Chinese has appeared on apachecon。 How can such an opportunity be missed?

From September 29 to October 1, the meeting lasted for three days. The official agenda has been announced. Please visit the official website for details. At the same time, registration is free,Scan QR code to register~

Apachecon's first Chinese feast! Can ecarts be

In the report of Apache foundation for fiscal year 2020, China is the country with the largest number of Apache Software Downloads. More and more open source projects created in China join the Apache incubator and graduate into top projects.

This year’s apacheconIt is the first time that the issue of speaking Chinese has emergedSeveral Chinese open source celebrities will share with you through this conferenceBig front endThe editorial department recommends the direction——

Ecarts: can “easy to use” and “strong personalized customization” at the same time?

Brief introduction to the topic: the main duty of data visualization chart library is to find an appropriate abstract way to simplify the programming of data visualization. This is often based on the common case, ease of use, flexibility, maintainability and other factors, the abstract form of concepts and APIs, to provide users to learn and express.

Among them, “out of the box” type of simplicity, and personalized strong customization ability, how to coexist? This topic shares echart’s understanding of these abstractions in its evolution over the years, as well as the cases of personalized charts realized through conceptual designs such as “custom series” and “series coordinate system combination”.

Apachecon's first Chinese feast! Can ecarts be

Guest profile: Baidu engineer, Apache echards project PPMC

This apachecon conference specially set upPutonghua speech forum(APACHE Mandarin track) to facilitate domestic audience participation. The forum invited 12 Apache members / contributors, open source personages and engineers to share their practice and experience on Apache project, open source and other topics. More wonderful content is worthy of your attention——

  • Apache’s growth in China
  • Members, responsibilities and obligations of new Apache Software Foundation from China
  • From web engineer to Apache API IX PMC member
  • New features of Apache carbondata 2.0
  • Ecarts: can “easy to use” and “strong personalized customization” at the same time? “
  • New features of Apache shardingsphere 5. X
  • How does Apache dolphin scheduler support 100000 level daily data task scheduling? “
  • ” OSS.Chat -The way of Apache is a bridge in China
  • Apache tubemq: a new MQ choice in big data scenarios
  • Apache Doris: an MPP database supporting rapid analysis of massive data

This year, Apache con and other Apache offline face-to-face activities have moved to online, where everyone can participate at home. This conference has a variety of topics, wonderful and common10Theme sharing24Forums170+A speech.

This conference will also hold a Chinese Forum organized by the community and specially designated according to the “Apache way”. Other forums, such as German, Hindi and Spanish, will also be held. You can click [](https://www.apachecon.com/aca… https://www.apachecon.com/acah2020/tracks/View all forum agenda.

You are interested in small partners, hurry to sign up! Let’s broadcast the registration address again:https://hopin.to/events/apachecon-home

Apachecon's first Chinese feast! Can ecarts be

Apachecon's first Chinese feast! Can ecarts be
Apachecon's first Chinese feast! Can ecarts be

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