Apache + servlet + JSP environment settings (Part 1)


This article only discusses how to install Apache + servlet + JSP on Windows NT 4.0. The configuration in this article is as follows:

Windows NT 4.0

I Software download


  Apache Server

  Apache JServ

II Software installation

1. Double click jdk1_ 2_ 2-001-win. Exe file for installation. Use the default configuration for installation. The default installation directory of JDK is;
      C:\jdk1. 2.2. The default installation directory of JRE is C: \ program files \ javasoft \ JRE \ 1.2;
2. Restart the computer;
3. Update the following environment variables: C: \ jdk1 2.2 \ bin directory is added to path; hold
      C:\jdk1. 2.2\lib\tools. jar; C:\jdk1. 2.2\lib\dt. Add jar to classpath. to update
Methods: Control Panel > system > environment > system variables;
4. Test applet:
1) open the command window;
2) switch to C: \ jdk1 2.2 \ demo \ applets \ TicTacToe directory;
3) run appletviewer example1 htm;
4) everything is normal;
5. Test application:
1) create a test in my D: \ HZQ \ Java directory Java file, as follows:
          public class test
           public static void main(String arc[]){
           System. out. Println (“JDK installation succeeded, friend!”);
2) open the command window;
3) switch to D: \ HZQ \ Java directory;
4) run javatest Compile with Java;
5) run java test to run this program;
6) everything is normal.

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