Apache Flink meetup 7.10 Beijing station, Flink x tidb is waiting for you!


Flink, popular in recent years, is one of the most recognized big data computing engines; As an open-source newsql database, tidb is well received by the industry for its excellent horizontal expansion ability and high availability. So when Flink meets tidb, what kind of spark will it produce?

Apache Flink community meetup Beijing station is coming again

July 10 | Beijing | offline

Flink x tidb

The meetup will be jointly organized by Flink community and tidb community. As always, we have invited technology experts from various industries, including Alibaba, tidb, 360, Zhihu and Netease, to share how to achieve accurate and stable real-time computing business, how to build the best practice of real-time data link, and how to use the characteristics of both to complete the closed-loop delivery of end-to-end real-time computing, As well as the perception and practice of Flink SQL and Flink CDC architecture.

Activity highlights

What kind of sparks can the combination of Flink + tidb produce? Let’s see the technical experts focus on real-time data business support, real-time data warehouse, end-to-end real-time computing and other scenarios, and analyze the application of Flink + tidb in various scenarios with theory and practice.

The activities are diversified in forms, and can be opened online and offline simultaneously. In the same city, you can participate in offline meetup face-to-face communication, and in other places, you can watch live broadcast online, so you can not miss the wonderful content;

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Special thanks to 360 for providing the venue

Activity agenda

Apache Flink meetup 7.10 Beijing station, Flink x tidb is waiting for you!

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Apache Flink x tidb meetup · Beijing station

1、 Introduction to guests and topics

Apache Flink meetup 7.10 Beijing station, Flink x tidb is waiting for you!

Topic 1: jflink on tidb: convenient and reliable real time data service support

Lin Jia, real time development engineer of Netease interactive entertainment technology center, Apache Flink contributor

[introduction to guests]

Lin Jia, head of real-time business of Netease interactive entertainment billing data center, main program of real-time development framework jflink SDK and real-time business platform jflink.

[introduction to the speech]

In recent years, Flink has become the most popular open source framework in the field of real-time computing; Tidb is widely used in data center business because of its convenient and reliable HTAP converged distributed characteristics. This sharing will start from the calculation case of the data center, combined with the design philosophy of the data center real-time framework jflink SDK and the use of tidb, discuss how to achieve accurate and stable real-time calculation business in the actual business scenario.

Apache Flink meetup 7.10 Beijing station, Flink x tidb is waiting for you!

Topic 2: Flink + tidb, experience the beauty of real time data warehouse

Wang Tianyi architect of tidb community department

[introduction to guests]

Wang Tianyi, architect of tidb community department. He has worked in Fidelity Investment and Softbank investment, has rich experience in database high availability scheme design, and has in-depth research on high availability architecture and database ecology of tidb, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL and other databases.

[introduction to the speech]

Evolution of real time data warehouse Lambada architecture

  • Kappa architecture
  • The basic technology stack architecture of real time data warehouse
    Tidb + Flink build data link of real time data warehouse
  • Infrastructure and scalability of tidb
  • Architecture of tidb + Flink real time data warehouse
    Best practices of tidb + Flink

Apache Flink meetup 7.10 Beijing station, Flink x tidb is waiting for you!

Topic 3: end to end real time computing of tidb x Flink

Sun Xiaoguang, R & D architect of Zhihu foundation; Chairman of tidb community TOC, tikv maintainer

[introduction to guests]

Sun Xiaoguang, architect of Zhihu basic R & D team, has been engaged in the research and development of distributed system for a long time, focusing on cloud native technology.

[introduction to the speech]

Flink is widely used for real-time computing in high real-time scenarios, while tidb is widely used in OLTP transaction scenarios in the level of big data. Tidb’s excellent horizontal expansion capability makes it an ideal downstream database storage for Flink real-time computing tasks, which can better meet the storage requirements of high throughput and low latency real-time computing results. Meanwhile, Flink’s strong scalability can also provide sufficient computing power for tidb cluster with continuous high-throughput writing, and provide sufficient guarantee for real-time computing of large traffic data. In the past of lacking the streaming computing ability of native tidb Flink, users need to use circuitous means to realize the streaming or batch computing of tidb data by using tools designed for MySQL. This not only increases the extra burden of learning, but also makes it difficult to make full use of the unique architectural features of tidb to improve the overall efficiency of the system. In the process of transition from Zhihu online database system to tidb, we feel the importance of tidb x Flink native batch stream solution. This sharing will introduce part of Zhihu’s work in tidb x Flink batch flow integration, and take the actual business as an example to introduce how to make full use of their characteristics to complete the closed-loop delivery of end-to-end real-time computing.

Apache Flink meetup 7.10 Beijing station, Flink x tidb is waiting for you!

Topic 4: Practice of Flink SQL in 360

Zhang chaoming, Apache Hudi contributor, R & D Engineer of 360 big data platform

[introduction to guests]

Zhang chaoming, R & D Engineer of 360 big data platform. I love technology and am very interested in big data related technologies, especially the principle and development of real-time computing. Currently, he works in 360 system department, participates in the implementation and promotion of real-time computing related technologies in the Department, and is responsible for the production and optimization of Flink SQL.

[introduction to the speech]

With the continuous development of the company’s search, finance, advertising, games and other businesses, it has become an urgent need to promote faster iteration of business value through real-time computing. As the main real-time computing engine in the company, Flink is also widely used in the company. In order to speed up the development efficiency and reduce the learning cost of developers, we actively encourage users to use Flink SQL for job development.

This sharing will focus on the product landing process of Flink SQL in 360, and share some of our insights, practices and improvements on Flink SQL.

Apache Flink meetup 7.10 Beijing station, Flink x tidb is waiting for you!

Topic 5: detailed explanation of Flink CDC

Xu Bangjiang, Apache Flink contributor, senior development engineer of Alibaba

[introduction of lecturer]

Xu Bangjiang (Xuejin), senior development engineer of Alibaba, focuses on the development of Flink SQL Engine.

[introduction to the speech]

How to access the data in the database to the data warehouse / data lake is the key to the construction of data warehouse. This sharing compares the advantages and disadvantages of the traditional data synchronization scheme and the Flink CDC data synchronization scheme, analyzes the advantages of the Flink CDC architecture, and shares the Flink CDC 2.0 design scheme to interpret the lock-free design and full stage concurrent design in detail.

2、 Activity Registration

Activity details

time: 13:30-17:30, July 10

place: Announcement hall, block a, building 360, building 2, yard 6, Jiuxianqiao Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing

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