Ant Design razor “yes”? The following is a list:? Ant Design and? Blazor’s main components/ a>


Why? Special €/ h2>

  • Insert the power cord and insert the relevant instructions and visual indicators of the product after it is separated from the computer/ li>
  • What is the voltage of the acceleration tank? Blazor assembly, which can be installed and installed in the pipeline/ li>
  • The support is based on the web assembly’s features or functions and functions? The service information of signalr is not valid/ li>
  • Support maintenance? Web application (WA)/ li>
  • If you use the C # frame, you should use the opening number to keep it valid/ li>
  • It is based on. Net standard 2.1 /. Net 5 and can be directly connected to the main board Net inventory/ li>
  • You can connect with existing? core MVC, Azor pages items are automatically generated/ li>

Local case

The webassembly is the main body of the pipeline/ p>

Support rate

  • . net core 3.1 /. Net 5/ li>
  • Blazor webassembly 3.2 /. Net 5 version/ li>
  • The support service provider is not fully engaged/ li>
  • Support the required file section of the web assembly/ li>
  • There is only one detector in the flow 4:? Internet Explorer 11 +Blazor Server))/ li>
  • It is possible to change the operation modeElectronWhat do you think? On the web standard/ li>

Current version

Scope of accounting

Juan? Ant design has specified the following steps in the planning scope, so you can do it in a timely mannerCompletion stepWhat/ p>

Therefore, you can use it directly? The preset in ant design is selected on the specimen/ p>

Acceleration installation

  • Switch installation?.NET Core SDK3.1.300 from the previous version: NET 5

From ā Restrict a new item

We provide?dotnet newThe module board has a power supply that is not switched onAnt Design ProNew item

  • Installing the module board

    $ dotnet new --install AntDesign.Templates
  • From ā Plate collapse? Ant Design razor Pro item

    $ dotnet new antdesign -o MyAntDesignApp

Number of modules

If number Description Item type By default/ th>
--full If these numbers are set, the payment will be generated? Ant Design Pro project bool false
--host Specify the pipe type ‘wasm’ ‘server’ ‘hosted’ ‘wasm’
--no-restore If these values are set, the auxiliary power is automatically restored/ td> bool false

Click Ant Design razor in the options section

  • Enter the applicable item file and install it? Nuget patient phone/ p>

    $ dotnet add package AntDesign --version
  • In the project:

  • Where?wwwroot/index.html(webassembly) or?Pages/_Host.cshtml(server) central connection files?

    <link href="_content/AntDesign/css/ant-design-blazor.css" rel="stylesheet" />
  • Where?_Imports.razorAdd a vacuum switch/ p>

    @using AntDesign
  • To add a location is to export components, you need toApp.razorAdd one to the list?<AntContainer />Components/ p>

    <Router AppAssembly="@typeof(MainLayout).Assembly">
        <Found Context="routeData">
            <RouteView RouteData="routeData" DefaultLayout="@typeof(MainLayout)" />
            <LayoutView Layout="@typeof(MainLayout)">
                <Result Status="404" />
    < antcontainer / > < -- add these? Why/ code>
  • You can use the? Code >. Razor assembly center:/ p>

    <Button Type="primary">Hello World!</Button>

(company number)/ h2>

  • Switch installation?.NET Core SDKVersion 5.0.100 from
  • Install node.js (based on the format of the standard file and the operating TS file)
  • To access the text on-board/ p>

    $ git clone [email protected]:ant-design-blazor/ant-design-blazor.git
    $ cd ant-design-blazor
    $ npm install
    $ npm start
  • Open the browser to access?https://localhost:5001Details:? a href=” -Design blazor% 2fant design blazor% 2fwiki “rel =” nofollow “> reference documents of the company/ a> What/ p>

    Use Visual Studio 2019 as a proxy/ blockquote>

Connect the cable

Module issue cable/ h2>

LightThis issueLet me know? Distribution plan for 2020/ p>

No. of expenses

If you add a base, click OKPull Request♪ or ♪?Warning bugWhat/ p>

Credit card/ h3>

Check this item to release the current charge/ p>

Remove the support tray/ h2>

The chain is an item of mutual MIT. The mutual MIT agreement is a compact, with power sources coming from the mutual MIT. It’s a power source, and the way it ” ”s a mile from the mutual MIT. It’s a chain. The mutual MIT terms terms, the mutual MIT agreement, the mutual MIT terms, the power, the power, the energy, the energy, the energy, the energy, the energy, the energy, the energy, the energy, the energy, the energy, the energy, the energy, the energy, the energy, the energy, the energy, the energy, the energy, the energy, the energy, the energy, the energy, the energy, the energy, the energy, the energy, the energy, the energy, the ability to take the board, the way it’s the village’s village’s home, the village’s village’s a village’s village’s village’s village’s village’s social, the way it’s supporting support, the support, the support, the support, the support, the support key to the support the support for the change of the changing you can support me in any way?

I’ll see the details of the registration in theChanging the name of the operator/ a> What/ p>

Why? In case of barrier

If there is a problem in the application process, you can return to the request field from the supplier. At the same time, we will provide new customers with new services through the supplier group below/ p>

  • (English)
  • (local file)

Ant Design razor

Failure to discharge

This item is based on the following items specified by the patient’s company, and describes the pre-determined duties of my own? Br > for more information, see.NET Foundation Code of Conduct.

Corner? Authorization agreement

. net deposit/ h2>

This is the “item”. net deposit/ a> Support/ p>