Ant Block Chain BaaS: Open to Clouds and Ground to Entities


Since its launch in June 2018, Ant Block Chain BaaS has been making breakthroughs in technology, forming its own unique advantages and landing in dozens of scenarios as industry leaders in different fields. At the time of accelerating the arrival of the commercial era of block chains, opening up its own technological system and working with partners at home and abroad to build a greater trust system, which can be empowered in the global real economy, will be the overall strategic route linked by ant blocks.

What is Ant Block Chain BaaS

Ant Block Chain BaaS (Block Chain as a Service) is an open “Block Chain as a Service” platform based on Ant Golden Clothing Alliance Block Chain technology and Aliyun. It takes block chain as a cloud service output, supports many business scenarios and data traffic, and is the foundation of industry block chain solution. Ant Block Chain BaaS is committed to building an open and collaborative platform to provide convenient services for enterprises and individuals around the world and to bring more equal opportunities to the world.

Why BaaS (rather than a single block chain technology)

Open block chain technology based on cloud platform can make full use of the flexibility, high availability and flexibility of cloud computing itself. At the same time, it can give full play to the capacity of trust infrastructure of the block chain itself, such as multi-party consensus, unalterable and credible. Specifically, there are three advantages:

1. Customers can choose and customize suitable block chain services according to their actual needs.

2. Customers can quickly deploy and use, thus saving valuable time.

3. Combining the above two advantages, BaaS can minimize the customer’s investment cost in business and application, and make the solution replicate efficiently in various industries. In this way, BaaS becomes the infrastructure of block chain solutions in various industries, providing a reliable and solid foundation of trust.

Advantages of Ant Block Chain BaaS

In April 2019, Aliyun BaaS, operated by the Ant Block Chain Team, was selected by Gartner, a top consulting firm, as one of the six leading technology cloud service providers in the world. In terms of platform capability, ant block chain BaaS has five advantages:

1、High performance, high reliability。 The platform not only has the ability of high-speed parallel consensus and second-level transaction confirmation, but also has high reliability and fault tolerance.

2、Trust privacy protection。 The platform not only achieves very high privacy protection ability in the block chain layer, but also provides the ability to authenticate the corporate identity and real identity in the BaaS service layer.

3、Easy to use。 The platform greatly reduces the input cost of the customer’s block chain, reduces the use threshold, so that customers do not need to know the deep details of the block chain, but also can use the technology’s capabilities to enable business;

4、Cross-networkBlock chain has a relatively popular feature – decentralization. Ant Block Chain BaaS provides support and automated deployment capabilities across networks, platforms across different clouds, and scenarios across public clouds and user IT environments.

5、Network Security on Cloud。 The platform makes full use of Aliyun’s cloud platform security capabilities (such as VPC network) to ensure the security of block chain network.

Core Functions of Ant Block Chain BaaS

In the enterprise alliance chain scenario, the core functions of ant block chain BaaS include the following aspects:

1、Alliance Chain Management。 The establishment of alliance chain and the management of alliance organization are the basic capabilities provided by BaaS.

2、identity authentication。 Every enterprise participating in the alliance chain needs to pass the certification process. The platform will issue certificates to help customers authenticate themselves on the alliance chain.

3、Automated deployment。 The whole platform adopts automatic deployment for block chain. This method can deploy the block chain platform very quickly and cheaply, so that customers can quickly own their own block chain.

4、Block chain capability。 At present, the output of ant block chain technology capability is mainly in two aspects. On the one hand, it is a certificate storage platform, which provides a high-performance, high-reliability platform for the storage scenario of block chain. On the other hand, it is an intelligent contract platform, which provides a programmable intelligent contract operating environment.

5、Business configuration。 Different scenarios, different businesses, their business data and business workflow are completely different. In this regard, the platform provides a business view, workflow business subscription services to help customers configure business-oriented applications;

6、Development support。 Block chains need innovation and Technological Development for each scenario. The platform provides complete technology development related components to help users land best practices and expand more scenarios.

Technical Architecture of Ant Block Chain BaaS

The following is a product map of the Ant Block Chain, in which the technical architecture of BaaS is divided into three layers:

Ant Block Chain BaaS: Open to Clouds and Ground to Entities

1、The bottom layer is BaaS Core. Based on the cloud resource management platform which provides flexible support for hosts and containers, it realizes convenient operation and deployment across platforms.。 For trusted hardware, that is, the Shenlong server based on Aliyun can provide corresponding hardware services, which can provide a reliable execution environment with high reliability and privacy protection. In addition to certificate storage platform and intelligent contract platform, heterogeneous chain cross-chain service will be introduced on the basis of isomorphic chain cross-chain service. In the current market, single-chain or single-chain has its own limitations. In the future, cross-chain technology will become a very important part of trust-building infrastructure and mutual trust ecology. At present, BaaS platform has realized internal interconnection through cross-link services, and can also access trusted data sources on the external Internet through intelligent contracts and cross-link services. In addition, for other basic capabilities, such as alliance management, security and privacy, certificate key management, BaaS Core has corresponding functions and support. While providing self-developed ant block chain system, BaaS platform also supports open source system to better meet the diverse needs of customers, including Enterprise Etaifang Quorm and Hyperledger Fabric.

2、Up to the top level is BaaS Plus, which encapsulates and services the underlying services and capabilities and opens them to standardized interfaces for partners to access and use.。 This can greatly reduce the customer’s investment in basic resources, while significantly reducing the time-consuming access services. So far, the platform has launched trusted certificate of deposit, universal traceability, real person certification, enterprise certification and other services, and will gradually introduce more services in the future.

3、The top level is BaaS Marketplace and Solutions。 Many of the ants’partners can provide their own capabilities in the marketplace. At the same time, a set of standard application solution templates will be precipitated in the practical application of different scenarios, so that customers can learn from the platform capabilities of other similar scenarios in their own applications.

Serving the Real Economy

At the same time of technological innovation, ant block chain is also accelerating the pace of enabling the real economy. At present, the key landing scenarios can be classified into three parts: finance, life and retail. The following four cases will be introduced in detail:

Case 1 Cross-border remittances

Ant Block Chain BaaS: Open to Clouds and Ground to Entities

In June 2018, Ant Golden Clothes opened the first cross-border channel based on block chains, which realized the second-order remittance experience between Hong Kong and the Philippines. In January this year, we opened a second channel between Malaysia and Pakistan. The value of block chains in cross-border remittances lies in the construction of the same set of accounts with multi-trust, thus reducing the time and economic costs of coordination and supervision. For the vast number of users, the block chain makes the international remittance which takes a few days to reach the account. It is as convenient and fast as the transfer in the Alipay account, and it is cheaper and cheaper. At present, more international remittance channels are being opened one after another.

Case 2 Supply Chain Finance

Ant Block Chain BaaS: Open to Clouds and Ground to Entities

Ant Double Chain Link relies on the accounts payable of the core enterprises and the real trade among the participants in the industrial chain, so that the credit of the core enterprises can be transferred step by step in the block chain, so that more small and medium-sized enterprises in the upstream of the supply chain can obtain equal and efficient inclusive financial services. In October 2018, Ant Block Chain invited an automobile manufacturer as the core enterprise, and joined five enterprises at all levels of the supply chain to carry out the pilot work. Among them, the last supplier of the industrial chain, a small auto parts factory with less than 10 people, became “the first person to eat crabs”. In the pilot project, through the payment promise of ant double-chain up-flow, the original three-month payment period took only one second to obtain 20,000 yuan of financing. The product was officially released in January this year, and is working with some core enterprises to promote landing.

Case Three Trusted Certificate Chain

Ant Block Chain BaaS: Open to Clouds and Ground to Entities

Ant Block Chain joined hands with Hangzhou Internet Court in September 2018 to build the first judicial certificate storage platform in which the technology of Ant Block Chain can assist in judging cases. The prosecutor can submit electronic evidence such as contract, rights protection process and details of service flow through online appeal entrance, and provide one-stop service for the prosecutor through joint witness and endorsement by the notary office, forensic appraisal center, CA/RA institutions, courts and ants’golden clothes. Judicial chain greatly reduces the cost of offline deposit and evidence collection, and improves the efficiency of the judgment process. As a result, many cases that were not worth prosecution because of the high cost of safeguarding rights before can achieve better safeguarding rights through block chain. In the future, many alliance chains involving affirmation and protection of rights in ant block chains will be connected to the judicial chain of Internet courts one after another, forming a rich ecosystem on the chain.

Case 4: Traceability of genuine commodities

Ant Block Chain BaaS: Open to Clouds and Ground to Entities

Since November 2017, the block chain technology developed by Ant Golden Clothing has been applied to food safety and traceability of authentic products. Twenty-six brands of milk powder produced in Australia and New Zealand have their own “ID cards”, i.e. two-dimensional traceability code. When users purchase and receive milk powder on Tmall international, open Alipay App to scan the two-dimensional code, and you will know all the information including origin, date of production, logistics, inspection and so on. Unlike previous merchants’self-entry of commodity information, block chains allow multiple “bookkeepers” to complete their bookkeeping impartially, independently and non-repudiation. Tianmao International’s Global Origin Traceability Program will cover 63 countries and regions, 3700 categories and 14500 overseas brands in the future. It will also be open to the whole industry. During the “Double Eleventh” promotional campaign in 2018, Ant Golden Clothes cooperated with Tianmao Mall and Rookie Logistics to trace the origin of 150 million commodities, including diamonds from Belgium, imported milk powder from Australia, Wuchang rice, liquor, red wine, imported health care products, cosmetics and Pingwu honey. At present, the cumulative transaction volume of the traceability platform has exceeded 300 million.

Openness and Synergy

As a trust connector between enterprises and enterprises, between enterprises and individuals, block chains have the potential to build a value Internet connecting the global economy. For the stimulation of its potential, it is certainly not enough to rely solely on the golden clothing of ants. Opening up is a road that must be taken. By opening up their own technological capabilities to build a greater trust system and empowering the real economy, this is the overall strategic route linked by ant blocks.

Based on this strategy, we launched the Block Chain Innovation Competition in January this year and organized the Open Day in Shanghai in March. At present, hundreds of enterprises and hundreds of high-quality projects have participated in it, and are committed to solving the pain points of different industries and fields. Next, Demo Day, the developer, will be held on July 5, and the finals will be held at the Yunqi Conference in September, with a total bonus of 800,000 yuan, as well as various rights and investment opportunities awards.

Standing at the front of the application scenario, ant block chains are witnessing and promoting the acceleration of the commercial era of block chains. In addition to some cases where we have landed, we are also actively developing innovative applications with many partners in order to better and faster deliver the value of block chains to enterprises and individuals around the world and realize our desire to bring more equal opportunities to the world.

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