Angularjs bi directional binding data input input multiple decimal points (bi directional binding does not refresh)


1. Introduce the changedetector ref component

import {ChangeDetectorRef} from '@angular/core'; constructor(public changeDetectorRef:ChangeDetectorRef) {}

2. Page code

<input  type="text" placeholder="0.00" \[(ngModel)\]="item.TMP\_STOCK" (ngModelChange)="inputRule('stock',$event)"/>

3. When the input box changes, execute the following method

//Trigger method when ngmodel changes 
inputRule(name, event) { 
    //When input 1 in the input box, the system thinks it is only 1 by default. At this time, ngmodel does not change, so we need to change it manually 
    this.item.TMP\_STOCK = null; 
    //Detectchanges () - performs a change detection from the component to each subcomponent
    //Finally, assign a value to ngmodel 
    this.item.TMP\_STOCK = this.pubtool.numRule(event); 

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