Angular cookies cookieStore


Angularjs provides a good $cookies and $cookiestore API for handling cookies. Now let’s see how to use $cookies and $cookiestore in angular.

Step 1 – install ngcookies and introduce it into the system

We can use NPM or bower to install ng cookies and paste the GitHub address

After installation, we can directly introduce our index.html :


Step 2 – introduce ngcookies into the angular module and inject them into the controller

angular.module('cookiesExample', ['ngCookies'])
.controller('ExampleController', ['$cookies', '$cookieStore',function($cookies, $cookieStore) {

Step 3 – using $cookies and $cookiestore

After step 1-2, we can use $cookies and $cookiestore happily.

After injection into the controller, we can use the browser controller to see what methods they provide.


Angular cookies cookieStore

Obviously, we can use $cookies to add, query and delete cookies.
$cookies provides put and putobject methods to add cookies.

$cookies.putObject('user', {'name': 'wws'});

We can see the results through the browser’s debugging tool

Angular cookies cookieStore

Now that cookies have been set in, we can use the get method provided by $cookies to get cookies. Direct mapping

Angular cookies cookieStore

In some cases, we need to clear the cookies manually. At this time, we can use the remove method provided by $cookies.

Angular cookies cookieStore


Angular cookies cookieStore

The $cookiestore provides fewer methods than $cookies, and the calling method is also simple and convenient.

Angular cookies cookieStore

PS: if your ng version is 1.4. X, use $cookies.

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