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I don’t know if you have such requirements: if the project engineering wants to be standardized, there are some key class description documents; Or I have just taken over a project that is ugly and has no annotations. Every time I find some key classes, I always open them by memory or other notes.

Today, when sorting out the projects we have taken over, I want to write a readme document and jump to open some files, such as some key classes. First look at the effect:
Android Studio & idea project documentation

This effect greatly meets my needs. In order to achieve this effect, we need to have two knowledge points

  1. Markdown Grammar: if you don’t know your classmates, you can play Baidu. You can become a markdown beginner in less than 10 minutes
  2. Configuration of jump file link

Markdown configuration and syntax

  1. Install markdown plug-in: preferences → plugins > marketplace → install markdown plug-in and restart Android studio
  2. Create a “readme. MD” file at an appropriate location in the project directory (just a markdown file ending with MD)
  3. Copy the following MD, press and hold Ctrl + left mouse button or command + left mouse button to jump to open the specified file, including folder

[test] (build. Gradle)

Markdown basic syntax:

  1. It represents the title, and several represents the title of several levels

  2. [displayed text] (jump link): the extension number is used to display the preview text. The link address in brackets can be the web address or the file address in this article

The above moving picture, you can refer to meGitHub project

Generation of file reference path

The file path [app / SRC / main / Java / COM / Ben / template / xaapplication. KT] used in the above animation has certain rules: it must start from the root directory of the project, not the absolute path in the computer system. So here’s a command:Path From Respository Root, which can be found in the following two ways

  1. Menu bar → edit → copy
  2. Set item preferences → keymap → search directly and add shortcut key


  1. Markdown recommended editor:Mark flying elephantThis editor has been used since I entered markdown. It has good rendering effect and can export PDF, MD and HTML.
  2. Android studio can also save the required files through the favorites panel, or through bookmarks, with corresponding shortcut keys

GitHub project