Android studio and gradle plug-ins use new version numbers


Android studio and gradle plug-ins use new version numbers

Author / Jamal Eason, product manager

The first version of Android studio arc fox (2020.3.1) and 7.0.0-alpha 01 version of Android gradle plug-in (AGP) have been officially released in Canary channel. In this release, we adjusted the version numbering scheme of Android studio and gradle plug-ins. This change separates the gradle plug-in from the version numbering scheme of Android studio, and makes the year and IntelliJ version of each version of Android studio clearer.

New version numbering scheme of Android studio

Starting from arctic fox (2020.3.1), the version number system of Android studio will be based on the year, which is more in line with the version mode of IntelliJ idea – Android studio is built on this ide. The new version numbering scheme introduces several important attributes: year, IntelliJ version based on, and feature and patch level. This change in naming mode enables you to quickly determine the version of the IntelliJ platform you use in Android studio. In addition, each major version will have a standard code, starting with Arctic fox, and then named in alphabetical order to help users easily identify new and old versions.

We recommend that you use the latest version of Android studio to experience the latest features and quality improvements. For the convenience of updating, we have changed the version and separated Android studio from Android gradle plug-in version. An important detail to keep in mind is that when you update the IDE, the way the build system performs compilation and packaging applications is not affected. On the contrary, application build process changes and APK / bundle will be affected by your project AGP version. Therefore, even at the end of the development cycle, you can safely update the Android studio version, because your project AGP version and Android studio version can be updated in different rhythms. Finally, in the new version system, as long as your AGP version remains stable, you or your team will be able to use it more easily in application projectsRun at the same timeStable and preview versions of Android studio.

If the previous numbering system is used, this version will be Android studio 4.3. Now, the new numbering system names it Android studio arc fox (2020.3.1) Canary 1, or arc Fox for short.

Android studio and gradle plug-ins use new version numbers

In the future, the Android studio version number scheme will adopt the following modes:

< IntelliJ version year >. < IntelliJ major >. < studio major >

  • The first two sets of numbers represent the Intel Iij platform version on which a particular Android studio version is based (earlier Canary versions may still be earlier versions). For the new version that has been released, these two sets of figures are 2020.3;
  • The third group of numbers represents the major version of studio, starting from 1, and each major version is incremented by 1;
  • To facilitate the reference of each version, we also provide a code for the main version, increasing from a to Z according to the animal name. The new initial release is called arctic fox.

New version numbering scheme of Android gradle plug in

In AGP 7.0.0, we useSemantic versionIt is consistent with the gradle version required by AGP. The compatibility between Android studio and the Android gradle plug-in will not change. You can use a newer version of Android studio to open projects that use stable AGP.

We recently publishedAnother blog postThis paper introduces the principle of AGP version numbering and the latest changes in AGP 7.0.

The latest changes in Android studio arc Fox

We are still in the early stage of arctic fox function development, but we have invested a lot of time in the IDE to implement improvements, including code editor, application checking tool, layout editor, embedded simulator and many other aspects, with a total of more than 200 quality improvements and bug fixes. see alsoVersion DescriptionLearn more about error repair.

For those who try to useJetpack ComposeFor example, deploying @ preview composable to device / simulator:

Android studio and gradle plug-ins use new version numbers

Deploy preview composable

In addition, please try to use the new layout validation tool in arctic fox to see the response of your layout in various screen sizes, font sizes and Android color correction / color blindness mode. You can use theLayout ValidationTool window experience this function.

Android studio and gradle plug-ins use new version numbers

△ Layout Validation

Finally, for users running the latest version of Android platform tools under MacOS (which will soon support other platforms) and using Android 11 devices, you can go toRunDevice selection dialog box of (run) button →Pair Devices Using Wi-FiTo try integratedADB wireless debugging function

Android studio and gradle plug-ins use new version numbers

Use ADB wireless debugging function through menu

Android studio and gradle plug-ins use new version numbers

△ ADB wireless debugging setting window

Future plans

If you want to learn more about other changes to this version of Android studio and Android gradle plug-in, be sure to check them outVersion Description