Android SQL plugin


Generally, when developing an application, if it involves the addition, deletion, modification and query of the database, we generally need to check the database to determine whether there is a problem with our inserted data or our query syntax;

So how to view the database? The common method is to find the database under data / data / application package name / database through the file explorer provided by as, and then save it to the computer through the computer software sqlitespy Exe file to open the database; If users add, delete and query multiple times, they have to save as multiple times to view the latest database. The process is very cumbersome;

Many people on the Internet recommend using sqlscout, but this thing is charged. Some cracked versions on the Internet also need CSDN points to download. The use effect is really good, but I want to recommend you to use Android SQL. After all, it’s only fragrant if it’s free;

1. First install as plug-in Android SQL, and then restart as;

Android SQL plugin

2. After downloading, there will be a SQL Android window below as;

3. Connect to the database;

Android SQL plugin

4. View database and tables;
5. Update the database when the data in the database changes;

Android SQL plugin

6. After updating the database, the data table has not changed, and the data table needs to be refreshed;

Android SQL plugin

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