Android development technology weekly issue#297



  1. Google’s new play store experimental function can positively compare similar applications

  2. Android 11 bug: the top bar blocks the game interface and cannot be displayed in full screen


  1. Android style system | theme background coverage

  2. Dagger navigation update for Android studio 4.1

  3. Customizing workmanager with dagger

  4. Thoroughly explain the implementation principle of jetpack compose |

  5. In depth explanation of jetpack composition | optimizing UI construction

  6. Creating material color theme | design

Open source library

  1. lu

    Another virtual DOM Android rendering engine

  2. KtRssReader

    a Kotlin library for parsing RSS feed on Android.

  3. BlurHashExt

    Kotlin extensions of BlurHash for ImageView, Glide, Coil, Piccasso, and fast loading BlurHashDrawable optimized for Android.

  4. DependencyProperty

    DependencyProperty is a dependency resolution library by Delegated Property.

  5. WhatTheStack

    See a pretty error screen when your Android app crashes

  6. MLang

    Android dynamic multilingual framework supports dynamic distribution, upgrade and deletion of language packs. It can be installed in one place and used everywhere

  7. red-screen-of-death

    A simple screen that is shown when your app gets crashed instead of the normal crash dialog.

  8. EitherNet

    A pluggable sealed API result type for modeling Retrofit responses.

  9. YCShopDetailLayout

    The custom control of the shopping mall commodity details page imitates the UI effect of page loading of commodity details pages such as Taobao, and koala. Recyclerview, WebView, viewpager, Scrollview, and so on can be nested. Support the setting of pull-up page loading animation effect

  10. evademe

    A asynchronous heuristics evasion library for Android with a KTX scoping function.

  11. YCVideoPlayer

    The video player package library case, modeled on Youku and iqiyi video players, can add home video viewing rights and trial mode, similar to Youku trial function. Based on ijkplayer, it supports network video or local video playback, sliding to adjust brightness or volume, fast forward and fast back, and recording playback position. You can set the variable cache while watching, and support full screen playback, small window, normal playback and other modes; It also supports list playback, switching resolution, and customization of video player, which is highly expandable. Has been used in practical development

  12. XTabLayout

    Added support to modify text size and indicator width based on the original TabLayout.

  13. Bundler

    🎁 Android Intent & Bundle extensions that insert and retrieve values elegantly.

  14. CommentDialog

    This is a Android comment box, similar to the tiktok comment box.


  1. Animation-Tutorials

    🍭🚀💗 Tutorials about animations with Animators, Animated Vector Drawables, Shared Transitions, and more


  1. flipclock-android

    The Android wrapper of FlipClock.

  2. calendula

    An Android assistant for personal medication management


  1. AndroidDaemonKiller

    This repository contains a simple script that lets you kill gradle and kotlin daemons.

  2. FakerAndroid

    A tool translate a APK file to stand Android project include so hook API and il2cpp C + + scaffolding when APK is a unity il2cpp game

  3. duf

    Disk Usage/Free Utility

  4. jnitrace

    A Frida based tool that traces usage of the JNI API in Android apps.


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