Android development technology weekly issue



  1. Google announced that it will disable the sketch plug-in material theme editor next month
  2. Dynamic figure new Columbus gesture for Android 11: double click on the back to start the camera and other applications
  3. Google will restrict Android apps from accessing location data in the background
  4. XDA digs out the new changes of Android 11: the power menu needs to be greatly changed
  5. Google open I / O 2020 Developer Conference Registration
  6. Android’s new incremental file system lets you download and play games before they’re finished
  7. Android 11 notification bar hide changes exposure: quick switch can be replaced with color icon
  8. Android 11 can quickly view the encoding formats supported by Bluetooth headset
  9. Figure Android 11 finally brings the original growth screenshot and recording function
  10. Take it to the next level: Android 11’s first developer preview comes
  11. Figure this is not Microsoft mobile system: Darren makes windows 10 theme on Android
  12. Android open source project exposed the comment name of pixel 5


  1. What are the highlights of the Android developers summit 2019?


  1. FAQ of Android developers summit 2019
  2. Understanding circular network and its interesting application in mobile terminal: AI poet
  3. Application of dynamic distribution so Library in reducing weight of Android APK installation package

Open source library

  1. AndroidSnooper

    Android library to record the network calls through the interceptor mechanism of the http clients.

    Android development technology weekly issue

  2. MapScaleView

    Scale bar for Android Maps (Google Maps, OSM, MapBox, Yandex)

    Android development technology weekly issue

  3. Set Of Useful Kotlin Extensions and Helpers

    Kotlin Extensions and Helpers for smoother Android development

  4. assure

    A Kotlin library that makes biometric authentication quick and easy.

  5. BubblePopupWindow

    Android realizes bubble pop-up window in all directions, and can control the offset of bubble tip angle.

    Android development technology weekly issue

  6. AestheticDialogs

    ?Android Library to implement custom, ?beautiful, ?stylish Dialog in android apps easily.

    Android development technology weekly issue

  7. Lint-Rules

    A set of very opinionated lint rules.

  8. SimpleBarcodeScanner

    Barcode Scanner Library by Google Mobile Vision Api with RxJava

  9. LiveStream-kt

    LiveStream is a simple class which makes communication easy among different modules of your application.

  10. Motion

    Material motion is a set of transition patterns that help users understand and navigate an app.

    Android development technology weekly issue

  11. SSCustomEditTextOutLineBorder

    Same as an Outlined text fields presented in Material Design page but with some dynamic changes

    Android development technology weekly issue


  1. DisneyMotions

    ? A Disney app using transformation motions based on MVVM (ViewModel, Coroutines, LiveData, Room, Repository, Koin) architecture.

    Android development technology weekly issue


  1. webrtc_android

    Webrtc videocall videoconference

    Android development technology weekly issue

Plug-in unit

  1. Gradle Doctor

    The right prescription for your Gradle build.

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Android development technology weekly issue